Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia


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Contact info
Društvo gledaliških kritikov in teatrologov Slovenije (DGKTS)
Mestni trg 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Vilma Štritof, President
Alja Lobnik, Coordinator

The Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia was established in 1976 when it became a member of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC/AICT). The organisation was reorganised and revitalised in September 2008. As a guild association it keeps an eye on the professional status of theatre criticism and scrutinises practical and theoretical reflection of theatre in Slovenia. The members of DGKTS participate in current international debates and symposia, its younger members take part in the IAICT young critics' seminars regularly.

The association also bestows an award for the best performance of the theatre season at the occasion of the Maribor Theatre Festival.

Membership and programme

The association unites Slovene professional theatre critics, theatre researchers and dramaturgs of all generations and aims at achieving better conditions for creative work and interaction with both local and international audiences. The association tries to respond to the situation and changes in the field of Slovene culture and cultural policy timely, either via open letters or direct proposals on the recurring deficiencies. As the work of critics, editors and practical dramaturgs is usually underpaid, a preferential tariff of fees for certain work was outlined and proposed as an orientation for employees as well as employers.

The association cooperates with other theatre professional organisations and institutions. One of the association's initiatives is the re-qualification of the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia into National Theatre Institute, still non-existent in Slovenia.

Public events

The Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia has organised some round tables and symposia to catalyse reflection in the fields which have not yet been dealt within Slovenia and to contribute to the recognition of theoretical and critical theatre discourse. The international symposium "Art, Culture, City" (2009) as well as the international conference "Intercriticism" (2010) were organised as an accompanying programme of the Maribor Theatre Festival (contributions were published in Dialogi Journal).

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