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Ustanova Gallus
Vojkova 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 693 637
Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Jani Toroš, President of the Gallus Foundation
Tomaž Bole, Secretary at the Gallus Foundation
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Officially founded in 1996, the Gallus Foundation has been supporting young, talented and mostly Slovene musicians and artists for almost three decades. It tries to help them on their personal artistic journey by not only donating money, buying instruments or paying for tuition fees, but also by helping them to interact and cooperate with relevant institutions, artists and educators from across the globe. It does so with its partner organisation, the Gallus J. Carniolus Institute.

The foundation carries out its programme by way of donations, given out by private entities supportive of its mission, especially its 18 founders, a group of successful Slovene companies. However, significant contributions also come from individual music and art lovers.


Though the project's history stretches back a few years more, one could say it was established in 1990, when it was set up under the name Gallus fund alongside the Gallus Concert Agency. Both were managed by Gallus Carniolus Ltd. up until 1996, when they became two separate NGOs. However, they've remained a singular project to this day.

The agency itself is now managed by the Gallus J. Carniolus Institute, which functions also as a publishing house and a concert producer, offering consulting in the field of cultural management and organisation.

Gallus foundation protégés

Since its establishment the Gallus Foundation has supported more than 50 young talented musicians (mostly dealing with either classical or jazz music) with stipends for training at well-known academies and other music education institutions. For many of them it organised joint concerts with well known musicians at eminent venues.

A number of foundation's former protégés became (or are bidding to become) prominent and internationally respected musical artists. Some of them are the guitarists Mak Grgić, Nejc Kuhar, Uroš Rakovec and Domen Gnezda, the harfist Mojca Zlobko Vajgl, the clarinettist Mate Bekavc, violinists Anja Bukovec and Tanja Sonc, the pianist Aleksej Pudinov (RU), and the accordionist Primož Parovel.

International projects

In 2017 it joined the project called International Classical Music Masterclasses – ARDEA, a transnational network of 3 organisations located in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together they are to provide a complex project of musical education for young talented classical musicians, foremost by jointly exposing them to master classes with internationally renowned musicians.

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