Architects' Society of Dolenjska Region and Bela Krajina


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Contact info
Društvo arhitektov Dolenjske in Bele krajine (DAD)
Rozmanova 10, SI-8000 Novo mesto
Igor Derlink, President

The Architects' Association of Dolenjska Region and Bela Krajina (DAD) was established in 1997. The Association co-operates with other architectural associations, organises workshops and announces open calls in co-operation with Novo mesto Urban Municipality and the Chamber of Engineers of Slovenia. It cooperates with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.

DAD is a consulting body for issues of urban planning, traffic, city centres and suburbs. It organises panel discussions, e.g. about the archeological heritage or the architecture of vineyard cottages in the region


The Society organises a regular series of public discussions called Pravokotna miza (Rectangular table), and biennial exhibitions of the Society members Odprta arhitektura (Disclosed Architecture).

The Disclosed Architecture 1900–2000 exhibition presented at the Novo mesto Urban Municipality was a result of the first systematic research and evaluation of architecture and urbanism in the wider area of Novo mesto.

The Society organised several events on the occasion of the anniversary of the late architect and academic Marjan Mušič (1904–1984).

International projects

Since 2014 the Architects' Society of Dolenjska Region and Bela Krajina has been engaged in the organisation of the Jane's Walk in Novo mesto.

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