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Inštitut za politike prostora (IPoP)
Tržaška 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 5 906 3682
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Marko Peterlin, Director
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The Institute for Spatial Policies (IPoP) was founded as a private institution in 2006 by Blaž Križnik, Marko Peterlin, Peter Šenk, and Tadej Žaucer. The institute is a non-profit organisation registered by the Slovene Research Agency (ARRS). The mission of this independent research institute is to achieve synergies across a range of disciplines and practices that deal with space and place, to raise awareness of the spatial dimension, and to consider the possibilities to guide policies of space.

The activities of the IPoP include planning, consulting, expert networking, and the implementation of educational activities. In addition to organising lectures, the institute has established an online library of papers and publications focusing on themes from the IPoP areas of expertise, naming only strategic spatial planning, public space research, and a cross-cultural research of urbanisation.

International cooperation

In 2009 the Institute for Spatial Policies established the Slovene URBACT dissemination point in collaboration with TrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture. URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme for the promotion of sustainable urban development.

Since 2008 the IPoP has been working on the project PoLok with partners Trajekt and the Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net). The aim of the project is to join people who participate actively in the creation of inhabitant-friendly neighbourhoods.

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