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Slovensko muzejsko društvo (SMD)
Linhartov trg, Sl-4240 Radovljica
Phone386 (0) 4 532 0520
Slavio Bonin (Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum, Piran), President

The Slovene Museum Society connects all museum professionals and experts in the country on an individual basis. It is a professional association of Slovenian museum workers and one of the oldest professional societies in the Slovenian cultural space, as it has been operating continuously for almost 170 years.


Its beginnings date back to 1839 when the Society of Kranj Provincial Museum was founded, which was in 1865 was renamed to the Museum Society of Carniola, and in 1919 to the Museum Society of Slovenia. Its operation was then extended to all of the Slovenian territory under the newly formed Yugoslav state. By 1943 it had a history and natural history section. With the formation of the independent Natural History Society in 1943, the Museum Society focused after that time exclusively on historical issues. In 1952 the society, as a professional association of museum workers, was renamed to the Society of Museologists of Slovenia, and made a decisive contribution to the development of the Slovenian Museum network until the establishment of the Association of Slovene Museums in 1970.

Programme / Mission

The Slovene Museum Society has contributed significantly to the development of Slovenian museum activities and the creation of many museums and galleries. Today it has over 600 regular and honorary members and fans of the museum. Regular members are professional museum workers, employed in the Slovenian museums and galleries, and retired professional museum workers. Museum fans support the activities and goals of the society.

By pursuing its mission, the society contributes to the development of the Slovenian museum profession, promotes the preservation, study, conservation, presentation and popularisation of the mobile enforcement of natural and cultural heritage in the Slovenian and the international arena.

The Slovene Museum Society cooperates regularly with the Slovene Art History Society, the Slovene Ethnological Society, the Archaeological Society of Slovenia, the Association of Slovene Restorers, and other organisations.


The Slovene Museum Society publishes the twice-yearly Argo: Journal of the Slovene Museums and since 1998 it has conferred the Valvasor Award, the highest award in Slovene museology.

It also organises the "Muzeoforum", an annual convention where distinguished museums experts from Slovenia and abroad convene to present their views and experiences. The "Muzeoforum" comprises two or three lectures each year, covering all types of museum activity, for example, the "Role of Museology and Its Correlations to Science" (1991), "Between Modernity and Postmodernity, Museum Pedagogics in Search of a Paradigm" (1991), "Museums and Exhibitions" (1993), "Museums at the End of the Second Millennium – A Janus-Faced View" (May 2000), "Lifelong Learning and Museums" (September 2000), "Oral Sources – A Constituent Part of the Collecting Policy of Museums"(November 2000), "Documentation in Museums" (November 2002), "Theoretical Reflections on Museums and Museology" (March 2008), "Digitisation of European and Slovenian Museums – State and Perspectives" (January 2009).

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Slovensko muzejsko društvo (SMD) +
Sl-4240 Radovljica +
The Slovene Museum Society connects all museum professionals and experts in the country on an individual basis. +
The Slovene Museum Society connects all museum professionals and experts in the country on an individual basis. +