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Contact info
Slovensko umetnostnozgodovinsko društvo (SUZD)
Filozofska fakulteta, Aškerčeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 1210
Fax386 (0) 1 241 1211
Managed byDepartment of Art History, University of Ljubljana
Maria Irene Mislej, President
Robert Peskar, Vice President
Barbara Savenc, Secretary
Online accounts:

The Slovene Art History Society [Slovensko umetnostnozgodovinsko društvo, SUZD], established in 1921 by Izidor Cankar, is a professional association of art historians. Along with France Stele, Vojislav Mole, Josip Mantuani and Auguštin Stegenšek, Izidor Cankar was one of the first professional art historians in Slovenia and also the first university professor of art history (University of Ljubljana, 1920). Since 1999 the society has bestowed the Izidor Cankar Award biennially for professionals, individuals, or groups from Slovenia or abroad who have made significant contributions in the field of Slovene art history.

Slovene Art History Society is a member of the International Committee of the History of Arts (CIHA).


Since 1921 the society has published the Art History Journal [Zbornik za umetnostno zgodovino] as the main scientific peer-reviewed art history journal in Slovenia. The gazette The Bulletin of the Slovene Art History Society [Bilten SUZD] is a serial publication issued 5 times a year in electronic form. Short scientific papers are reviewed. Another series Library SUZD was established in 1997 to publish conference papers, and the series of Festschrifts is published to honor the work of prominent members (Sergej Vrišer in 2003, Špelca Čopič in 2006, and Stane Bernik in 2009).

The society also organises regular public lectures and visits to exhibitions and cultural monuments. Its biggest organisational effort is currently the international colloquium "Art and Architecture around 1400: Global and Regional Perspectives" in co-organisation with the University of Maribor under the auspices of CIHA, to be held in May 2011.

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