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Avstrijski kulturni forum, Ljubljana / Österreichisches Kulturforum
Prešernova cesta 23, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 479 0741
Fax386 (0) 1 252 1717
Managed byEmbassy of the Republic of Austria in Slovenia
Andreas Pawlitschek, Director
Marjeta Malus, Coordinator
Online accounts:

A network of 30 Austrian Kulturforum institutions work around the world in various fields of cultural dialogue. Cultural exchange between Slovenia and Austria has been developing formally since 1990 when the Austrian Embassy created a dedicated cultural department. In the year 2001 the Österreichisches Kulturforum Ljubljana was established as a separate entity, however it is located at the Embassy. It cooperates with Austrian local governments (Carinthia and Steyermark and the Municipalities of Klagenfurt and Graz) as well as with numerous Slovene cultural organisations.

A significant part of its activities falls under the umbrella of the "Culture Platform – Central Europe" initiative, started in 2001, which is based on regional partnerships that aim at fostering Central European cultural dialogues.

The Austrian Cultural Forum regularly supports cross-border scientific, cultural and artistic projects of producers and institutions around Slovenia but it also organises its own events (round tables, discussions, festivals) that reflect upon the necessity of collaboration (for example, Tedni čezmejnega sodelovanja [The Weeks of Cross-border Collaboration]).

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