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Združenje dramskih umetnikov Slovenije
Cankarjeva 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 1 241 1728
Tatjana Ažman, President

Phone386 (0) 41 941 112

The Slovenia Centre of the ITI (International Theatre Institute) was founded in October 1992. Its task is to promote international exchange, to offer information to foreign visitors about Slovene theatre, theatre life, and theatre repertoire, to assist in ordering tickets, to help link Slovene theatre practitioners with their counterparts overseas, and to organise visits to theatre schools and other theatre organisations. It also provides information to professional Slovene theatre artists involved in international theatre projects and activities and helps them to make contact with key people when they go abroad. The Slovenia Centre of ITI also cooperates and co-ordinates joint activities with other NGOs in the theatre field.


The most important activities and events of the Slovenia Centre of the ITI include the Celebration of World Theatre Day and International Dance Day. The centre participates in ITI committees, congresses and ITI publication activities and in the organisation of international seminars, symposia and meetings of ITI committee members. It has also issued a number of publications, including Slovene Theatre (1993, English, revised in 1995, English and French).

In the recent years the Slovenia Centre of the ITI has revived its activities, mostly accompanying major Slovene theatre festivals. During the Week of Slovenian Drama in 2010 it hosted the International Playwrights' Forum and co-organised the round table "National Drama in Times of Globalisation: Myth or Reality?". Close collaboration with international colleagues resulted, for example, also in the decision that the Cyprus ITI branch will translate 3 plays by the recipients of the Slovene Grum Award.

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Združenje dramskih umetnikov Slovenije +
Tatjana Ažman +
Združenje dramskih umetnikov Slovenije +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
President +
Cankarjeva 11 +
The Slovenia Centre of the ITI (International Theatre Institute) was founded in October 1992. +
The Slovenia Centre of the ITI (International Theatre Institute) was founded in October 1992. +
+386 / 1 241 1728 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +
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