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The Grum Award is the most prestigious Slovene award for the best new Slovenian play. The award is presented on the occasion of the annual Week of Slovenian Drama at the Prešeren Theatre Kranj. Since 1979, all Slovene theatres and non-permanent theatre groups can nominate one or more performances based on an original Slovene drama text for the award. The recipient of the award is selected by a jury, which also awards the Grün-Filipič Award for achievement in dramaturgy.

The award is named after the Slovene playwright and doctor Slavko Grum (1901–1949), the author of the play An Event in the Town of Goga [Dogodek v mestu Gogi] (published 1930), dealing with crucial aspects of Slovene identity. Grum's play has strongly marked the development of Slovene playwriting.

On the occasion of the 40th Week of Slovenian Drama, the Prešeren Theatre Kranj and the Zelolepo Publishing House launched a books series comprised of all the plays awarded with the Grum Award. The series will include 14 collections of original texts, which will also include translations of the plays in the English language. The most recent edition includes texts by the 2009 Grum Award recipients, playwrights and dramaturgs Simona Semenič and Žanina Mirčevska and their plays [] and The End of the Atlas [Konec atlasa] respectively.

The 2010 Grum Award recipients were Ivo Prijatelj, Simona Semenič and Ivo Svetina. In 2011 the award went to 2011 to Matjaž Zupančič and to Vinko Möderndorfer in 2012.

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