International Union of the Marionette (UNIMA), Slovenia



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International Union of the Marionette (UNIMA), Slovenia
Krekov trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 425 6060
Uroš Korenčan, National secretary

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UNIMA Slovenia 2014 100 Years of the Slovenian Puppetry Art exhibition 04.JPGJurček and Three Thieves by Alenka Gerlovič, an example of the partisan puppet theatre, presented at the 100 Years of the Slovenian Puppetry Art exhibition, International Union of the Marionette (UNIMA), Slovenia, 2014.

UNIMA Slovenia has 23 individual members. It cooperates with all the puppetry organisations in Slovenia and strives to promote puppetry by celebrating the World Puppetry Day, bestowing the Klemenčič and Pengov awards, and organising memorial exhibitions. In 2014, Agata Freyer and Edi Majaron prepared the exhibition 100 Years of Slovenian Puppetry Art in the National Museum.

UNIMA Slovenia

In 1933, the first national centre was founded in Ljubljana when Slovenia hosted the UNIMA Congress, the last before World War II. After the war, until 1992, all activity was integrated into the Yugoslavian Centre. In 1992, the 16th Congress of UNIMA was organised by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Since then, Ljubljana has hosted the biennial Lutke International Puppet Festival.

In 2001, with UNIMA Croatia, the book Puppets from Nursery School to School was published. UNIMA Slovenia is co-organiser of the Primorska Summer Festival and the Summer Puppet Pier Festival in Maribor.

One of UNIMA's missions was the revival of the Lutka puppetry magazine, published by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre since 2013, and the establishment of the Museum of Puppetry at the Ljubljana Castle, which opened in 2015. The touring exhibitions should tour Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovakia.


UNIMA is a non-governmental organisation affiliated with UNESCO which was initiated in 1929 in Prague by puppeteers from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria, Romania and the Soviet Union. The UNIMA office is located in Charleville-Mézières, France.

UNIMA's principal aim is to promote contacts between puppeteers of different countries as a means of developing the theory and practice of the art of puppetry and to help preserve the living traditions of puppet theatre. UNIMA is currently present in 90 countries with National Centres and Representatives. It organises international congresses, conferences and assists festivals.

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