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Contact info
Primorski poletni festival
Kampel 1k, SI-6000 Koper-Capodistria
Founded byPrimorska Summer Festival Association
Managed byKoper Theatre
Festival dates22.6.2015 - 1.7.2015
18.6.2016 - 26.6.2016
17.6.2017 - 2.7.2017
16.6.2018 - 7.7.2018
15.5.2019 - 6.7.2019
15.5.2020 - 14.6.2020
Neva Zajc, Head of Primorska Summer Festival Association
Ivan Loboda, Coordinator in Koper Theatre
Verdijeva ulica 3, SI-6000 Koper-Capodistria
Online accounts:

The Primorska Summer Festival is an international theatre festival that takes place throughout the coastal region of Slovenia and occasionally also in Italy and Croatia. Launched in 1993, the festival was co-produced by the Primorska Summer Festival Association. Since 2003 the festival has been managed by the Koper Theatre.

Primorska Summer Festival takes place both indoors, in various performance venues (Arrigoni Izola, Georgius Centre in Piran) as well as outdoors (Valdoltra Beach in Ankaran), utilising the town squares and other ambient-rich locations of the region.

In 2020 the international PPF Youth festival section is launched with the six theatre academies invited to present their creation.


During its first decade – when the Koper Theatre was yet non-existent – the Primorska Summer Festival was the only platform for presenting recent productions by Slovene repertory theatres to the audiences of the Slovene coastal region. As such, the festival is in a way the theatre's predecessor.

The festival was co-produced by the Primorska Summer Festival Association in partnership with Koper Theatre, the Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste and Teatro Miela in Trieste/Trst. Today partners are also Teatro Verdi, Trieste, Muggia Teatro, Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival, Tartini Festival and Italian Community in Koper-Capodistria.

Up until today, the festival has hosted a huge number of theatre performances, many of them its own productions, an enterprise that's been the festival's staple since its beginning. Alongside the theatre shows the festival also sets up concerts, musicals and even operas.


The festival cooperates with various theatres from the littoral region, some of them coming from the neighbouring towns in Italy and Croatia. These collaborations range from staging the invited performances to producing wholly new works, these occasionally even being multilingual as befits the character of the region. It has also incubated various NGO endeavours, like those of Lutkarnica - Koper Puppetry Studio.

Sometimes, the programme is set somewhat conceptually, and in one of the years, for instance, the festival was dedicated to Molière. Various takes Molière's plays were staged across throughout the festival, also taking place the Slovene National Theatre Maribor. One might here add that in 2017 the festival co-hosted a show with the Maribor based Lent Festival.

Besides presenting its own works and those of Slovene repertory theatres, one of its prime focuses is that of showcasing new works that are being produced in the Balkan region.

More and more the festival is reaching into other artistic fields, also inviting musicians and screening films.

PPF Youth

In 2020 a new section of the festival is launched: 6 theatre academies of the ex-Yugoslav region, Great Britain and the Czech Republic present their production during the four days in July. The academy performances presented at the Koper Theatre are accompanied by panel discussions with the aim of sharing knowledge, getting to know new theatre practices and poetics emerging in the region.

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