Radio Slovenia Muravidéki Magyar Rádió (MMR)


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Pomurski madžarski radio (MMR), RTV Slovenia
Kranjčeva ulica 10, SI-9220 Lendava-Lendva
Phone386 (0) 429 9720
Fax386 (0) 2 429 9712
Managed byRadio Slovenia
Jožef Végi, Managing Director
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Aimed at the Hungarian speaking community living in Slovenia and then-Yugoslavia, Muravidéki Magyar Rádió (MMR) was established in November 1958. Initially the radio broadcast programme in Hungarian for just ten minutes a day. In 1983, when the studio moved from Murska Sobota to the border town of Lendava, RTV's Hungarian-language broadcasting began to evolve. Since 1996 MMR has been part of Radio Maribor and RTV Slovenia, broadcasting in Hungarian to the minority in eastern Slovenia.

Currently the daily programme lasts about 18 hours, from 5.45 AM to 12 midnight, and is broadcast on the frequencies 684KHz AM, 103.3MHz FM, and 87.6 MHz FM, covering the Prekmurje region and part of Southwestern Hungary (Vas and Zala Counties). The goal of the MMR programme is to care for the rights of the Hungarian minority, to keep them informed in their native language, and to develop cooperation in a multi-ethnic region in accordance with the laws of RTV.

International cooperation

MMR successfully cooperates with cross-border Hungarian radio stations and with Hungarian Radio from Budapest, which offers training. MMR features a weekly one-hour cultural programme as well as daily news on cultural events within the region (including Hungary).

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