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Film Theatre Idrija

Film Theatre Idrija 2014 Miners Theatre.JPGThe building of the Miners' Theatre in Idrija was built in the 1770s, it is considered the oldest theatre building in Slovenia. Its construction was financed from voluntary contributions by the mercury mine employees. In the 20th C. it was turned into a cinema hall, Film Theatre Idrija.

The Film Theatre Idrija (Filmsko gledališče Idrija) is housed in a small-scale Baroque building in the old town centre of Idrija. It was built as a theatre house as early as 1770, and considered to be the oldest such building in Slovenia. The construction of the Miners' Theatre House was financed from voluntary contributions by the mercury mine employees.

Due to reconstructions in the 20th century the interior no longer resembles the former Baroque theatre. The cinema hall is now run under the auspices of the Idrija City Library and Reading Room and is a member of Slovenia's Art Cinema Network. Along with a very diverse list of films screenings, the programme occasionally also includes theatre productions, lectures and music concerts.

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Film Theatre Idrija 2014 Miners Theatre.JPG

Slovenian Art Cinema Association

Slovenian Art Cinema Association unites the cinemas and other screening halls that promote high-quality and art film round Slovenia. Its goal is to ease and to improve the working conditions of its members, to help them in acquiring the proper technical equipment, to improve the circulation of important information, and to stimulate national and international collaboration. The association promotes the digitalisation of cinemas and suggests some practical solutions (in accordance with the Europa Cinemas guidelines). It also organises meetings and lectures. Screenshot 2021-04-26 The map Europa Cinemas.pngThe map of Slovenian members of the Europa Cinemas Network, all of them being the members of the Slovenian Art Cinema Association.

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