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Kino Gledališče Bežigrad
Linhartova 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 83 807 068
Managed byKG 4LJUBLJANA d.o.o.
Theatre school
Phone386 (0) 70 800 980
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Kino Bežigrad – sometimes also called Kino Gledališče Bežigrad (Cinema Theatre Bežigrad) – is a small cinema in the Ljubljana neighbourhood of Bežigrad. It opened its doors in 2015 at the premises where formerly a cinema of the same name operated until 2002. Kino Bežigrad runs an independent programme of films, mostly of a Hollywood variety, but is open for occasional ventures into other cinematographies as well.

The cinema has one auditorium with 247 seats in 14 rows and a 10 x 5 metres big screen. It is complemented by a bar styled in the typical look of American 1960s diners and regularly used for various events.


The film selection is primarily oriented towards mainstream American production, complemented by a strong focus on children's programme and cartoon. Furthermore, the young ones are also treated with weekly events held each Saturday that feature workshops and cartoon screenings.

Various events often accompany movie premiers and – one way or another – correspond to a given film's theme. There are also occasional special features and programmes, like for example weeks, dedicated to films from specific countries (e.g. South Korea and Japan, both weeks supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Tokyo). Kino Bežigrad also hosted a mini-festival of media arts, organised by the Secondary School of Multimedia and Graphic Technology Ljubljana and the film school Artes Liberales. It showcased the works done by their pupils in the preceeding five years.

Theatre activities

Aside from films, Kino Bežigrad is also running a programme of theatre plays (mostly staging comedies), standup shows (hosting mostly local performers like Damir Avdić) and puppet plays.

Another feature at Kino Bežigrad is a theatre acting school, held at its studio. Geared towards children and youth, it is led by Lucija Čirovič and Boštjan Štorman.

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