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Zavod za kulturo Delavski dom Trbovlje
Trg svobode 11a, SI-1420 Trbovlje
Phone386 (0) 3 563 3481
Fax386 (0) 3 562 1079
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ProprietorMunicipality of Trbovlje
Zoran Poznič, Director
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Špela Pavli Perko, Programme Coordinator
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Vesna Jesih, Public relations
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Set in a modernist building in the city centre of Trbovlje, Delavski dom in Trbovlje (DDT) is a local but also a regional cultural centre, being the biggest such institution in the Zasavje region. The venue's own cultural programme is diverse and ambitious, and besides a programme of music, film, theatre, puppetry and visual arts, the centre also runs a new media culture project called Trbovlje, The New Media Setting. Delavski dom is also home to a number of cultural and educational institutions, including a music school.

Delavski dom co-organises the Rdeči revirji! festival and, as of 2009, produces the new media art festival Speculum Artium. In 2017 it opened 4. Dritl, a virtual (as well as material) mining museum.

Laibach - 23.jpg


Delavski dom in Trbovlje was opened in 1956 in a newly built building, known for its façade mosaic by Marij Pregelj (it earned him the highest Slovene award in art, the Prešeren Award) and sculptures by Stojan Batič with the miners as a leitmotiv.

The upper floor reception hall can host up to 500 people, the cinema hall which was renovated in 1999 has 354 seats and the main theatre hall which was renovated in 2000 contains 434 seats. The gallery space has 45 linear metres of exhibition space.


The theatre programme is ranging from local cultural events to performances by renowned Slovene theatre houses and independent groups. Several well-known Slovene cultural groups from the Zasavje region often return home to perform at Delavski dom, including the EnKnapGroup (EKG), led by choreographer Iztok Kovač, and Laibach. Its cinema is a member of the Art Cinema Network, which distributes selected high-quality films around Slovenia, here balanced with a selection of children films and Hollywood flicks.

Trbovlje, The New Media Setting

At a certain point the cultural centre set its gaze to new media art and culture. It thus organises the Speculum Artium Festival (hosting the likes of the artist Stelarc, the robot Asimo, and the scientist dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro) and the video art festival Digitalbiugscreen (utilising its renovated cinema to give video art an impressive medium). In organising the festivals, DDT often collaborates with the University of Arts and design Linz (AT), the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science IAMAS (JP), the Arts Academy of the University of Nova Gorica, and many others.

DDT is among the founders of the Trbovlje, The New Media Setting, which also sets up courses and workshops for youth, collaborates with the local tech companies, and sets up art exhibitions. In a way, the establishment of the virtual museum 4. Dritl is part of the same 'modernising' drive.

Speculum Artium Festival 2015 Japanese artists visiting the president.jpg

New gallery DDT

The so called New gallery DDT opened its doors in 2010, having two separate gallery spaces. Set on the former grounds of the boiler room and the coal storage room, one of the two spaces retains the old industrial look while the other is a so called white cube.

The programme ranges from classical visual arts like painting to new media art installations. The gallery supports a group of young artists from the region, whose work it produces and presents and which also shapes the general aesthetic vision of the gallery. Among them are Maša Jazbec, Špela Pavli, Boris Beja, Vesna Davidovič, and others.

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