Rdeči revirji! - Red Beats! Festival

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Contact info
Festival Rdeči revirji!
Organised byVitkar Institute
Frequencyannual (in 2020, the entire festival was realised as a streaming event)
Festival dates28.5.2015 - 6.6.2015
26.5.2016 - 4.6.2016
25.5.2017 - 3.6.2017
25.5.2018 - 10.6.2018
23.5.2019 - 2.6.2019
22.7.2020 - 26.7.2020
Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 283 8341, 386 (0) 41 905208
Branko Potočan, Artistic Director
Mojca Ulaga, Coordinator
Phone386 (0) 41 380 594
Online accounts:

Rdeči revirji! is an annual arts festival held in the three main towns of the Zasavje region. Active since 2003, it runs a rather distinctive programming policy by systematically merging very different approaches to arts and culture. It thus sets contemporary dance theatre side by side with a regional wind orchestra, follows a school theatre play with a new media art performance, and so on. Taking place in the towns of Hrastnik, Zagorje ob Savi and Trbovlje, the festival seeks to bring contemporary arts to the geographical periphery and present them to as wide a public as possible.

The programme includes theatre, dance, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, etc. Most of the events take place on the streets and are free of charge. A significant part of the programme is meant for children and youth.

The name of the festival comes from an old name for the region, which used to be one of the strongholds of the worker's rights movement. Rdeči revirji was also the name for the famous artworks by Irwin and Laibach, who also come from that region.

Partner organisations and co-producers

Organised by Vitkar Institute and led by the dancer and choreographer Branko Potočan, the festival is co-produced by Delavski dom Trbovlje Cultural Centre, Delavski dom Zagorje Cultural Centre, the Cultural and Recreational Center Hrastnik and the local youth centres.

Frequently involved are producers like Strip Core, Aksioma Institute, Emanat Institute, Flota Institute, Priden Možic Cultural Association, Via Negativa and Bunker Institute. One can mention a recent collaboration with the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, which formed some of its pre-programme as a part of Rdeči revirji! and brought artists like Tilen Sepič, Aleksandra Stratimirović (RS) and Marko A. Kovačič.


The festival encompasses an international cast of art practitioners of dancing, theatre and street theatre shows, contemporary circus, puppet shows, site-specific urban space interventions, story-telling evenings and concerts (of music as diverse as noise and wind orchestra marches). There are also visual arts exhibitions, art video and film screenings, workshops of all kinds and regularly also old mining shaft expeditions.

The festival has thus far hosted works by Betontanc, Milan Tomášik, Alexander Gottfarb (AT), Rozinteater, Janez Janša, Maja Delak and Ryuzo Fukuhara from the performing arts field; Konj Puppet Theatre and Ratatuya (Croatia) from the area of puppetry; the music acts Katsunori Takayama, Silence, Kombinat Choir, Fckn'Bstrds (NL) and Slon in sadež; Matej Andraž Vogrinčič and his spatial installations; visual artists Kiyotaka Yoshimitsu and Neven Korda; and many others.

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