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Bunker, zavod za organizacijo in izvedbo kulturnih prireditev, Ljubljana
Slomškova 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 231 4492
Alma R. Selimović, Director

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Beton Ltd Grosse Erwartungen 070by.nada.zgank.jpgPrimož Bezjak, Branko Jordan, and Katarina Stegnar from collective Beton Ltd. in their performance Grosse Erwartungen. Author: Nada Žgank

Established in 1997, Bunker is a non-profit organization for the realization and organization of cultural events. It produces and presents contemporary theatre and dance performances, organizes different workshops and other educational programmes, carries out various research methods in the field of culture, and brings together one of the most noted international festivals, the Mladi levi Festival.

The aim of Bunker is to refresh and invigorate the Slovene cultural space with innovative approaches. It encourages the mobility of artists and their works both in Slovenia and abroad and promotes the intertwining of different art disciplines. It creates a space that allows the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and interests among artists and various audiences. Bunker tries to stimulate discussions regarding various artistic practices and subjects and to create artistic programmes and events that reflect upon topical social, ecological, political, and cultural issues.

In 2004, Bunker was awarded the management of the Old Power Station in Ljubljana during the public tender period initiated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The programme in the Stara elektrarna consists of theatre and dance performance productions, in an educational manner and strictly performance based. Besides this, the Bunker is hosting other festivals, concerts, and various interdisciplinary events and actively collaborates with numerous artists, theatres, festivals, and networks within Slovenia and abroad.

Stara Elektrarna venue

Since 2004, Bunker has been running the performing arts venue Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station in Ljubljana. The programme consists of theatre and dance performance production, concerts, educational activities, and presentations of different art projects.

Foto Nada Žgank publika Mladi levi IvoDimchev P project 001.jpgAudience at the Mladi levi Festival, Old Power Station. Author: Nada Žgank


In its productions, Bunker focuses on works that employ innovative approaches, intertwine different art disciplines, and offer reflections on topical cultural, political, and social issues.

Besides producing works by different performing arts makers, Bunker has recently been involved in producing research-based works that respond to global issues such as migrations and ecological awareness, collaborating with international artists.

In the period 1999–2014, Bunker was the producer of the physical theatre group Betontanc. Since 2016, it has been managing its spin-off project Beton Ltd..

Fun Fact IZBOR november run through foto Ivian Kan Mujezinović (12).jpgThe international theatre co-production Fun Fact, created in collaboration between the Beton Ltd. collective and Estonian theatre Kanuti Gildi SAAL, premiered in 2023. Author: Ivian Kan Mujezinović

220823 Neja Tomsic Krog 016nzgank.jpgTheatrical essay Circle, created by Neja Tomšič, that intertwines storytelling, visual art, architecture, and sociological research, 2022. Author: Nada Žgank


Since 1998, Bunker has been organising the annual international festival of theatre and dance Mladi levi (Young Lions). Taking place at the end of summer, the festival showcases groups and artists with distinctive and original ideas and disciplines from all over the world.

Together with the Second Grammar School in Maribor, in 2002, Bunker co-organised the first Drugajanje Festival, which aims to affirm contemporary dance and theatre art among youth audiences with a programme of performances, workshops, and lectures.

Drugajanje 2022 Še neznano foto Janez Klenovšek (12).jpgThe project Still Unknown at Drugajanje Festival, Maribor 2022. Author: Janez Klenovšek

Drugajanje 2022 Še neznano foto Janez Klenovšek (52).jpgThe project Still Unknown at Drugajanje Festival, Maribor 2022. Author: Janez Klenovšek

Educational activities

Bunker has been running the pilot project of cultural education, Theatre Playground, which seeks to bring contemporary theatre to schools all over Slovenia and engage participating pupils and students not only as consumers of art but also as creative producers.

Within their educational activities, Bunker has developed new formats of cultural education, among which are Schools in Culture (for pupils as well as for pedagogical workers), A Resident Artist, Tandem Classes, and Young Curators Club.

Drugajanje 2022 Še neznano foto Janez Klenovšek (15).jpgThe project Still Unknown at Drugajanje Festival, Maribor 2022. Author: Janez Klenovšek

International projects

Bunker has a long history of participating in various international cooperation and collaboration projects, which have garnered support from different funding programs of the European Commission. It is (or has been) a member of numerous international networks, including Junge Hunde, Theorem, International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), Balkan Express, Danse Bassin Méditerranéen – DBM, RESHAPE, and others.

Bunker led the Create to Connect project, which later grew into Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI), a Creative Europe-supported joint effort of 15 European arts and research partners from 13 European countries. The aim was to create powerful and long-lasting connections among artists, cultural operators, researchers, and audiences, and to develop contemporary theatre activities with aesthetic, political, and social impact.

Besides participating in or leading numerous international projects, Bunker also organizes international discursive forums and discussion evenings.

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