Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station


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Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana (SMEEL)
Slomškova 18, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 231 4492, 386 (0) 51 269 906
Managed byBunker Institute
Špela Kopitar, Old Power Station Programme Head

200610 TRANS-Plant 023 1foto.nada.zgank.jpgPerformance Trans-Plant by Luka Martin Škof and Nika Švab at Old Power Station, 2020. Author: Nada Žgank

Set in a former power plant, the aptly named Stara Elektrarna can be translated as the Old Power Station. One of the most important contemporary performing arts venues in Ljubljana, it is run by a non-governmental organisation, the Bunker Institute. The place is primarily used for theatre and dance performances, yet also frequently utilised as a rehearsal and residency space. Various workshops (ranging from cultural management to dance techniques), lectures, round tables, concerts and multimedia events also take place here.

Numerous Slovene festivals have been (or still are) hosted by Stara Elektrarna (in part or in their entirety), among them the Mladi levi Festival, the City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts, the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art, MENT Ljubljana, Animateka International Animated Film Festival, and also the Lutke International Puppet Festival, etc.

Stara Elektrarna is included in the Transferzala project, a combined season ticket for 5 independent Ljubljana performing arts venues: besides Stara Elektrarna, also Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Španski borci Culture Centre, Glej Theatre and Vodnik Homestead.

The venue's foyer features a small museum displaying various pieces of now-defunct equipment from the old power station.

Foto Nada Žgank publika Mladi levi IvoDimchev P project 001.jpgAudience at the Mladi levi Festival, Old Power Station. Author: Nada Žgank

160819 Mladi levi otvoritev 039foto.nada.zgank.jpgThe opening of the Mladi levi Festival in Old Power Station. Author: Nada Žgank


Type of venue: black-box theatre; main use: contemporary theatre, dance, music, multimedia events, rehearsal space, and workshops; seating: 300 seats total; performing area: 25m W x 15m D x 3.5m H to grid, floor suitable for dance; suspension equipment: overhead pipe grid for suspension of masking and lighting; forestage: dance floor; lighting: details on request; sound: details on request; stage equipment: details on request; backstage: 2 dressing rooms accommodating 15 persons total; climate control: air-conditioned.

Though leased to Bunker Institute, the place is still owned by Elektro Ljubljana (Enterprise for Distribution of Electric Energy, Co.).

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