Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

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Exodos, Mednarodni festival sodobnih uprizoritvenih umetnosti
Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 373 799
Organised byExodos Institute
Nataša Zavolovšek, Director and Producer

Festival dates18.4.2017 - 23.4.2017

The Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts last edition was organised in 2017. See below the archival article. Cf. other activities by Exodos Institute.

Archival article

Launched in 1995, Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts was the first international festival of performing arts to be organised in independent Slovenia. Besides presenting contemporary theatre and dance performances of national and international makers, Exodos has always emphasised the educational and theoretical aspects of its work by organising practical workshops, lectures, discussions, and round tables related to the theme of individual festival's editions. From 1999 till 2011 the festival was organised annually by the Exodos Institute. The next editions are biennial.


Initiated by Miran Šušteršič and his Panoptikon Institute, the Exodos Festival has presented a vast number of prominent and influential performing arts makers and companies. The scope and quality of the presented works makes the festival one of the most important contemporary performing arts festivals in the wider region. Among others, it has featured foreign artists such as Jozsef Nagy, DV8, Enrique Vargas, Wim Vandekeybus, Jan Fabre, Needcompany, Vera Montero, Emio Greco, Ultima Vez, William Forsythe, Jonathan Burrows, Jan Ritsema, Nigel Charnock & Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company, Goran Sergej Pristaš & Bad.co, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Mark Tompkins, Vera Mantero, Robert Lepage, Lydia Lunch, Mark Tompkins, Daniel Leveille, Rabih Mroué, Jan Decorte, Mark Ravenhill, Dave St-Pierre, Raimund Hoghe, Forced Entertainment, and many more.

Over the years, Exodos has also functioned as a platform for the work of leading Slovene artists, such as Maja Delak, Ivica Buljan, Dragan Živadinov, Sebastijan Horvat, Iztok Kovač, Matjaž Farič, Ema Kugler, Barbara Novakovič, Emil Hrvatin, Betontanc, Fourklor, Matjaž Berger, Diego de Brea, Sanja Nešković Peršin, Mateja Bučar, etc.

Exodos Festival took place for a number of years at Cankarjev dom. The events are also presented at different venues in Ljubljana, such as Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Španski borci Culture Centre, etc. as well as in non-theatrical spaces.

Dave St.Pierre - Bare Naked Souls - Exodos Festival in Ljubljana.jpgPress image for Bare Naked Souls, by Dave St-Pierre. Performed at Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station during Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, 2010

Overview of past festival editions

The 17th Exodos Festival was curated by Jan Fabre and hosted also the 6th Balkan Dance Platform. In 2013 the festival was curated by Tim Etchells, Artistic Director of the Forced Entertainment Theatre company, while the 2015 edition was curated by Jan Goossens, Artistic Director of the KVS Theatre in Brussels who had developed a rich exchange programme with Congolese artists. The 19th edition was entitled Future archives: Focus Africa.

Exodos Festival 2009 Small metal objects.jpgSmall metal objects, Back to Back Theatre in Ljubljana, Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts 2009

The 16th edition of Exodos Festival involved the creation of a Labyrinth of Art in the framework of the project World Book Capital Ljubljana 2010. A total of 287 Canadian Hemlock trees have been planted during the year-long project-in-process initiated by Bulgarian visual artist Venelin Shurelov. Eventually, the trees will grow into a labyrinth in which visitors can stroll and reflect.

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