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Contact info
Društvo umetnikov DUM
Kotnikova 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 430 3080
Mateja Bučar, President

Past Events
  • 12 September to 13 September 2014
    Room & Road, a dance performance choreographed by Mateja Bučar, produced by the DUM Association of Artists and co-produced by Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana plus Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia London, at The Laurie Grove Studio Theatre (Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance) in London, United Kingdom
  • 28 June to 31 October 2014
    Vadim Fiškin (DUM Association of Artists) at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta at The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • 25 March to 27 March 2014
    Reserch project Aesthetic Negativity and Choreograohic Practice by Mateja Bučar, DUM Association of Artists at Trinity Laban Conservatory of Dance and Music in London, United Kingdom
  • 1 November to 21 December 2013
    The joint exhibition The Things I Want to Express are so Beautiful and Pure also featuring works by Vadim Fiškin (DUM Association of Artists) at Peter Kilchmann Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland
  • 13 September to 16 October 2013
    Vadim Fiškin (DUM Association of Artists) participating in the joint exhibition Summertime Readings at Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 11 September to 14 December 2013
    Vadim Fiškin (DUM Association of Artists) participating in the joint exhibition Planet of Man at ERES-Stiftung in Munich, Germany
  • 8 September to 6 October 2013
    Vadim Fiškin (DUM Association of Artists) participating in the joint exhibition No Questions at Ausstellungsraum Klingental in Basel, Switzerland
  • 30 June 2013
    Ballet of Revolt by Leja Jurišić and Petra Veber (Pekinpah Association), The Very Delicious Piece by Jasmina Križaj (Plesna izba - Maribor Dance Room) and Cristina Planas Leitão, and Green Light by Mateja Bučar (DUM Association of Artists) at the Festival Spectrum in Villach/Beljak, Austria
  • 26 April 2013
    TASK#09 by Mateja Bučar, DUM Association of Artists, on the Platforma.Hr Festival at Plesni centar Tala in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 11 September to 19 September 2010
    What's the Matter?, exhibition within the Sustainable Design Week, featuring the works by Vadim Fiškin, represented by Gregor Podnar Gallery at Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, Italy

Bringing together international artists, the DUM Association of Artists was established in 1999 and acts as a producer and co-producer for projects in various disciplines including the performing arts (contemporary dance), visual arts and new media. For the latter, it has presented several projects by conceptual artist Vadim Fiškin and organised lectures on contemporary arts by experts such as Viktor Misiano.

In the period 2004–2007, DUM has run a gallery space that now features as the Gregor Podnar Gallery located in Berlin. DUM Association is a member of the Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM).

Contemporary dance production

DUM Association of Artists was founded by Mateja Bučar and the organisation now produces much of her work. After graduating from ballet school in Ljubljana and taking studies at the Rosella Hightower dance centre in Cannes and workshops with Arthur Rosenfeld, Donna Uchisono, John Jaspers and Fatou Traore, Mateja Bučar became a member of the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and subsequently a member of Dance Theatre Ljubljana. Since 1991, she has choreographed numerous performances: with the Egon March Institute, she co-created Ton-Ka, Cukrarna and A B Sence, a number of her own choreographies.

Since 2000, the DUM Association has presented the following projects in the field of contemporary dance: Dependance 1, Telborg, Media-Medici, O Quadrate and Room and Road by Mateja Bučar; and Forma Interrogativa by Mateja Bučar and Magda Reiter. During 2006–2007, the complex international project The Brothers Karamazov – Volume 1 was developed in collaboration with theorists Renata Salecl and Robert Pfaller, and presented at the Gregor Podnar Gallery in Ljubljana as well as at the Fabricca Europa Festival in Florence. Since 2010 Mateja Bučar has developed urban choreographies (Green Light, The Unnoticed, Green Table). These brief performances popped up in public spaces, usually unannounced.

Visual arts and new media art production

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