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Photon Gallery

Since 2003 the non-profit organisation Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography researches and presents contemporary fine art photography. In particular, the gallery focuses on recognising and promoting various Slovene and international artists working in the field of contemporary photography and video, with an emphasis on the production from Central and South-eastern Europe.

Photon Gallery offers a regular exhibition programme in its home gallery space in Ljubljana, collaborates on a number of international projects and attends international art fairs. The gallery runs also the biennial named Photonic Moments – Month of Photography.

In 2013 Photon has opened a gallery space in Vienna, since 2014 in the city’s emerging art quarters at the former Ankerbrot bread factory, Absberggasse 27. In 2016 it moved to the 7th Quartier in the city center, Zieglergasse 34.

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Forum Ljubljana

Lighting Guerrilla Festival 2014 Sophie Guyot Svetlobni dom.JPGSvetlobni dom - light instalation by Sophie Guyot at Novi trg in front of Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU), Lighting Guerrilla Festival, 2014 Sophie Guyot at Lighting Guerrilla Festival, 2014

Rooted in the alternative culture of the 1980s and a successor to the ŠKD Forum (active at the end of the 60s), Forum Ljubljana formally became a non-governmental cultural institution for artistic and cultural production in 1994.

The production company covers various forms of contemporary art, multimedia and new media and consists of several sections, including the multimedia art group Strip Core, known best as the publisher of Stripburger comic magazine (and, of recently, as the organiser of the Lighting Guerrilla Festival). Forum Ljubljana has produced several new media projects, among them being the Nebo Puppet Theatre, which links comics producers, puppeteers and new technologies. Its film production unit that initially produced art video films, has produced a line of awarded long-feature films.

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Lighting Guerrilla Festival 2014 Sophie Guyot Svetlobni dom.JPG Sophie Guyot at Lighting Guerrilla Festival, 2014