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Contact info
Zavod Masa
Triglavska 49, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 458 673
Žiga Kariž, Director
Tobias Putrih, Director

Past Events

Registered as a not-for-profit cultural institution (zavod), Masa is a curatorial, production and management organisation founded in 2002 by three visual artists - Žiga Kariž, Tobias Putrih and Boštjan Drinovec - and contemporary dance/performance artist Nina Meško. Its focus is on developing contemporary performing and visual arts projects.

Painter Žiga Kariž engages in complex painting installations and actions. His first solo show was This Town ain't Big Enough for Both of Us at the P74 Centre and Gallery, and in 1997 he participated in U3 at the Museum of Modern Art, had a solo ambient show The Gray City at Kapelica Gallery and participated in The Movie Stories in collaboration with Tobias Putrih at the ŠKUC Gallery.

In his Terror=Decor project Kariž's painting meets surveillance technology, terrorism, and cinema, destabilising the traditional roles played by artists, viewers, and collectors. The various phases of this project were presented at Alkatraz Gallery (simultaneously with a presentation in New York City), at Mala Gallery, Moderna galerija, at Kapelica Gallery and finally at the Venice Biennale in 2003.

Dance projects

Dancer, choreographer and performer Nina Meško has developed solo dance performances into video-dance and video-installations, establishing a relationship between dance and other art forms (visual arts, performance, film, fine arts). Her projects Watching Alice, Little School of Flying, Deep Show, What a Feeling, The State of Things and My Private Archive show articulated conceptual structure and strong interest in experiment, and have been presented worldwide.

Since 2004 Masa has also produced some projects by Dejan Habicht and Tanja Lazetič (Ring, Calendar), and a collaborative project with Alen Ožbolt which was also taken to Celje, Nova Gorica and abroad.

Zavod Masa has also presented its productions at art fairs in Bologna and Madrid, and has co-operated with several European and New York galleries.

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