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Contact info
Zavod za kiparstvo
Križevniška 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 590 19331
Jelka Vrečko, Director
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The Sculpture Institute is a successor of the Latobia Gallery and was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of helping artists to realise and promote their sculpture projects. Besides the retail Small Sculpture Gallery on Križevniška Street it also runs the attractive open-air Gruber Gallery on a lane in front of the Gruber Palace (the headquarters of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia) and organises a traditional Slovene Sculpture Exhibition in the Magistrat Gallery.

Institute dedicates itself to promoting classical and contemporary sculpture in Slovenia. Through organizational and promotional activities, they strive to make Slovenian sculpture an equal part of the exhibition venues, the art market and the consciousness of the general public in comparison with other art genres. Their activity is mainly the presentation of sculptors at exhibitions, and recently they also participate in art fairs.


Since 1996 the Sculpture Institute has organised the Slovene Sculpture Exhibition based on a public call along with invited Slovene and international artists. Each year it has been curated by a local guest-curator (among them Milček Komelj, Milena Zlatar, Petja Grafenauer) and presented in the Magistrat Gallery with occasional transfer to another venue in Slovenia such as the Kosovel Culture House Sežana. The 2010 edition followed the themes associated with books in order to coincide with the World Book Capital Ljubljana.

In 2004 the Sculpture Institute conceived the Grosuplje Sculpture Symposium, which evolved into the cultural organisation KUD Grosuplje - mesto kipov (Grosuplje – City of Sculptures). During the 5-day workshop a few sculptors created artworks for public space in this town, 15 km south of Ljubljana. Unfortunately the municipality withdrew its support so the symposium was put on hold.

International projects

The institute was the official Slovene partner in the Sculpture network that in 2010 prepared the exhibition European Sculpture: Diversity and Differences in Practice in Grugliasco near Torino (Italy), running also parallel to the Torino art fair Artissima. Approximately 30 to 35 sculptors from all over Europe and their small scale sculptures were selected by the international jury and curated by Patrizia Bottallo (Curator of Martin Arte Internazionale, Italy) and sculptor Rob Ward from Great Britain.

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