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Contact info
Hiša! društvo za ljudi in prostore
Orožnova 7, SI-2000 Maribor
Katja Beck Kos, President
Maja Pegan, Head of Printmaking Art Centre
Tina Ozimič, Head of Rajzefiber Biro
RAJZEFIBER BIRO, Gosposka 11, SI-2000 Maribor
Vesna Zagoršćak, Communications, Social Networks
Nina Dvoršek, Voluntiers, Legal Affairs
Online accounts:
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Set up in 2010, House! produces and fosters several culturally and socially invigorating programmes. As its full name – Society for people and spaces – implies, their activities often tend to address public spaces, foremost those in the city of Maribor. It is involved in the Actors of Urban Change project, led by the Robert Bosch Foundation, and its aim of achieving "sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities" holds for House! as well.

Its first and still ongoing enterprise is the Living courtyards, reviving various urban spots with creative interventions. It is integrated into the summer festival Lent, as are some other society's initiatives. Among these one can mention street performances, for which House! also collaborates with the Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival.

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Together with Vetrinjski dvor House! is organising the Maribor line of the well liked seasonal events of Ana Desetnica, the Ana Frost and the Ana Blaze. Another notable project run by the House! society is the CGU Printmaking Art Centre, an on-going international workshop for printmaking art, located at GT22.

It also collaborated with the Maribor National Liberation Museum and several local educational isntitutions, researching and presenting the industrial heritage of Maribor.

Living courtyards and Living town

Living courtyards, a year-round program, has brought to life several abandoned semi-public spaces, the backyards in the Maribor city centre, giving an opportunity to artists to revive courtyards in collaboration with the local community. The project has won the best international collaboration prize at the BIO 50 (Biennial of Design (BIO)) and has been extensively applied during the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 project. It got internationalised in 2017 by way of an international project called LUCity.

The Living town programme aims at revitalization of deserted or forgotten streets of the city in co-operation with the local clubs, street theatre, craftsmen and residents. Widely popular Koroška Live brings dozens of activities to the Koroška Street temporary turned into a pedestrian zone during the Lent Festival).

Rajzefiber biro

The Rajzefiber office provides an alternative tourist offer, tailored for individual guests and presenting the less obvious spots, sights and activities around the city. It is developing various new ways of how tourist services can be done and is set to continuously discover new local curiosities.

International projects

As of 2017 House! leads an international joint project financed by the Creative Europe prgramme, called LUCity. Bent on "bringing communities and artists together on an international level", it is in a way an expansion of the already existing Living courtyards and Living town initiatives.

House! is recognized as an innovative local community initiative (Award InLoCom 2013), and has received two Challenge Future Summit 2013 awards in the category of social enterprises as well as the main prize of the city o Maribor. It is involved in different Erasmus Youth Mobility programmes.

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