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Galerija Gregor Podnar
Kolodvorska 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 430 4929
Fax386 (0) 1 430 4928
Managed byDUM Association of Artists
Gregor Podnar Gallery, Berlin Venue
Lindenstrasse 35, D-10969 Berlin, Germany
Phone49 30 2593 4651
Fax49 30 2593 4652
Gregor Podnar, Director
Phone386 (0) 40 463 231
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Past Events
  • 11 November 2016 to 14 January 2017
    IRWIN 1983–2016, a solo exhibition of works by Irwin, presented by the Gregor Podnar Gallery, at Gregor Podnar Gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • 6 October to 9 October 2016
    Gregor Podnar Gallery showcases a number of artists, including Irwin, and The Relations by Jaša at Frieze London Art Fair, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia London, at Dalston Pier, Regent’s Park in London, United Kingdom
  • 7 November to 9 November 2014
    The Gregor Podnar Gallery presents a number of artists including Primož Bizjak at Artissima International Fair of Contemporary Art at Oval Lingotto in Turin, Italy
  • 15 October to 18 October 2014
    Gregor Podnar Gallery presenting a number of Slovene artists at the Frieze Art Fair London at Regent's Park in London, United Kingdom
  • 19 February to 23 February 2014
    P74 Centre and Gallery, Gregor Podnar Gallery, and Zdenka Badovinac, the director of the Moderna galerija, at the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO Madrid in Madrid, Spain
  • 18 January to 8 March 2014
    Hotel Bristol, a photo exhibition by Primož Bizjak, at Gregor Podnar Gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • 25 October to 28 October 2013
    Tobías Putrih (Gregor Podnar Gallery) among the selected artists at Laboratorium 2013 at the artBO - International Art Fair of Bogota in Bogotá, Colombia
  • 17 October to 20 October 2013
    The Gregor Podnar Gallery presenting Slovene artists at the Frieze Art Fair London at Regent’s Park in London, United Kingdom
  • 10 October to 13 October 2013
    The Gregor Podnar Gallery and P74 Centre and Gallery at the Vienna International Art Fair at Messe Wien in Vienna, Austria
  • 16 September to 18 September 2013
    Gregor Podnar Gallery at the Artinternational Istanbul at Haliç Congress Centre in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 10 May to 13 May 2013
    The Gregor Podnar Gallery at the Frieze Art Fair New York at Randall's Island in New York, USA
  • 13 February to 17 February 2013
    Gregor Podnar Gallery at the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCO Madrid at Feria de Madrid in Madrid, Spain
  • 18 January to 23 February 2013
    Was ist Kunst Hugo Ball, an exhibition by Irwin at Gregor Podnar Gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • 20 September to 23 September 2012
    The P74 Centre and Gallery and Gregor Podnar Gallery presenting works by Slovene artists at the Viennafair 2012 in Vienna, Austria
  • 22 June to 22 September 2012
    Light Matters 2 exhibition by Vadim Fiškin at Gregor Podnar Gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • 13 October to 16 October 2011
    Gregor Podnar Gallery at the Frieze Art Fair at Regent’s Park in London, United Kingdom
  • 24 September to 16 October 2011
    The work by Vadim Fiškin in the Möglichkeitsraster / Possibility Grid exhibition at ESC im LABOR in Graz, Austria
  • 20 June to 15 September 2011
    The work by Vadim Fiškin in the Laboratory of the Future exhibition at Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland
  • 15 June to 19 June 2011
    Gregor Podnar Gallery at the Art 42 Basel in Basel, Switzerland
  • 11 June to 18 September 2011
    The work by Tobias Putrih in the We are all Astronauts exhibition at Marta Herford Museum in Herford, Germany
  • 27 May to 30 October 2011
    1st TIME MACHINE Biennial of Contemporary Art with the participation of Marko Peljhan and Tobias Putrih at D-0 ARK Underground in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 12 May to 15 May 2011
    Škuc Gallery, Gregor Podnar Gallery, Photon Gallery, and P74 Centre and Gallery at the Viennafair 2011 in Vienna, Austria
  • 30 April to 25 June 2011
    A, H, O, I, ! ..., an exhibition of Tobias Putrih’s latest sculptures and works on paper at Gregor Podnar Gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • 14 April to 21 August 2011
    The work by Vadim Fiškin in the Merz World: Yona Friedman & Tomas Saraceno exhibition at Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, Switzerland
  • 25 September to 12 December 2010
    Tobias Putrih at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil
  • 11 September to 19 September 2010
    What's the Matter?, exhibition within the Sustainable Design Week, featuring the works by Vadim Fiškin, represented by Gregor Podnar Gallery at Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, Italy

Since its establishment in Slovenia in 2003, the Gregor Podnar Gallery has been one of the most internationally vivid Slovene commercial galleries. A frequent attendee of international art fairs like Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, Frieze Art Fair London, Fiac Paris, etc., the gallery has brought not only Slovene artists to greater international recognition, but endorsed various artists from the greater Central and Eastern European region as well. Director Gregor Podnar opened a Berlin branch in 2007, under the Slovenian name, Galerija Gregor Podnar.


Gregor Podnar led the Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana between 1997 and 2003 where he also established the gallery's commercial activity and its presence on the international art market.

Initially the Galerija Gregor Podnar opened in Kranj as part of the DUM Association of Artists and in March 2004 the new gallery premises opened in the town's former industrial area with the inaugural exhibition Venture, featuring work by the selected artists of the gallery. In August 2005 Podnar rented a new exhibition space from the Municipality of Ljubljana and moved the gallery to Ljubljana.

In September 2007 Podnar joined a cluster of commercial international galleries in Galerienhaus Lindenstrasse 34-35 on the frontier between Berlin Mitte and Berlin Kreuzberg, featuring the work of Attila Csörgő. The new venue was officially opened in November 2007 with the group exhibition Like to like I. and continued with Like to like II. Podnar curated both shows and presented all of the artists represented by his gallery.

Afterwards Podnar continued with solo exhibitions of the most recent production of his artists, where his curatorial strategy stays recognisable and significant. Galerija Gregor Podnar in Berlin has now turned into the base of Gregor Podnar's activities. Since then, the space in Ljubljana predominantly functions as a project room mostly for presentations of individual artistic positions.

Represented artists

The gallery presents internationally well-known and established artists mostly from Eastern European centres, as well as young emerging artists from a wider context. These include Attila Csörgő, Vadim Fishkin, Alexander Gutke, Irwin, Magnus Larsson, Yuri Leiderman, Dan Perjovschi, Goran Petercol, Tobias Putrih, Nika Špan and Goran Trbuljak. Since 2008 he presents also Ariel Schlesinger, a young Israel artist who lives and works in Berlin, and since 2009 he represents another young Polish artist, Marzena Nowak, as well.

Podnar works also with the following artists: Primož Bizjak, Tomaž Gregorič, Miha Knific, Bogoslav Kalaš, Antal Lakner, Kazimir Malevič, Andrei Monastyrsky, Tadej Pogačar, Christine Rebet, Guia Rigvava, Giovanni Morbin, and Mladen Stropnik.

Art fairs

Since 2003 the gallery is frequently present on the most prominent international art fairs. Starting with Art Forum Berlin and Artissima Turin, Gregor Podnar attended Liste, The Young Art Fair in Basel, ViennaFair, and Arte Fiera in Bologna. In 2006 Podnar participated on Art 37 Basel and since then his gallery entered the upper level of international art fairs such as Frieze Art Fair London, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, where in 2007 and 2008 the gallery was part of the section Art Nova.

He also presented the work of his artists at Art Brussels and in Paris on Fiac Art Fair. In 2008 and some years after, he was one of the protagonists at the abc, art berlin contemporary, an art fair prepared by leading Berlin gallerists.

gurgur editions

Since 2005 Galerija Gregor Podnar has been publishing monographies, books about specific projects, and special editions by individual artists (Nika Špan, Vadim Fishkin, Tobias Putrih, Primož Bizjak and Attila Csörgő).

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