Delavski dom Zagorje Cultural Centre



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Kulturni center Delavski dom Zagorje
Cesta 9. avgusta 1, SI-1410 Zagorje ob Savi
Phone386 (0) 3 566 4171, 386 (0) 41 489 305 (mobile)
Karmen Cestnik, Director

Delavski dom Zagorje Cultural Centre was opened in 1960. Today it runs various profiled programmes, including cinema, theatre, dance, music, and visual arts. The building also incorporates Mile Klopčič Library.


The venue is home to the events Jazzagorje and Valvasor Evenings, an International Festival of Chamber Music, which used to take place all-around the towns of Zagorje and Izlake, but has recently more or less settled in the Delavski dom (still, some events are hosted as far as in SNG Maribor). The traditional Izlake–Zagorje Art Colony, supposedly the oldest of its kind in Middle Europe, has been also organised here. The cinema is a member of the Art Cinema Network, which distributes selected high-quality films around Slovenia. Gallery Medija and the entrance hall of the Delavski dom are both very active settings for exhibitions of artistic as well as historic and educational value.

In addition, the organisation hosts theatre plays, various social evenings, popular music concerts, stand-up comedy performances, and other events. Altogether, the Delavski dom Zagorje truly functions as a very inclusive local and even regional cultural centre.

Venue attributes

The halls at Delavski dom Zagorje may be rented: the Main Hall (cinema and theatre) has 468 seats; the Glass Hall (dance floor) has 250 seats; the open-air Green Terrace is suitable for small-scale concerts; and the Gallery Medija is intended for small-scale exhibitions.

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