New media art venues


Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab 2012 Interactivos Photo Helena Bozic (3).jpgInteractivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future at Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, 2012

In a field as diverse as New Media Art, the venues hosting its production are also just as varied. For those interested in the border practices between art and science, body and technology and corporeality through art, Kersnikova Institute composed of Kapelica Gallery, Rampa Lab and BioTehna would be the first choice. For further investigation into sound and bioacoustics, visit Cona Institute's Steklenik Gallery located at the Tivoli Greenhouse in Ljubljana.

The DIY approach towards sound making mixed with robotics and other forms of contemporary technological art is represented at Cirkulacija 2.

A collegiate formation of three institutions can be found at Osmo/za in Ljubljana: Ljudmila engages in the development of open culture, free licence and software and other ways of data distribution; Delak Institute is a production house exploring post-gravity art and outlining a path for space culturalisation; while Projekt Atol Institute’s art production merges with the scientific research and technological prototype development. In this hybrid and shared venue, exhibitions and performances take place along with workshops, lectures and artist’s talks.

Aksioma Project Space run by Aksioma Institute is also an active producer and presenter of seminars and talks along with its exhibition programme focused on the social and political aspects of “technological unconsciousness”. The space connects international and local artists production and extensively supports the younger generation of Slovenian new media artists. MoTA LAB in Ljubljana is run by MoTA Museum of Transitory Art and deals with experimental and technologically inquisitive art, while most of its programme predominantly takes place at various Ljubljana venues, such as Kino Šiška.

The autonomous and alternative scene in Ljubljana is presented in Metelkova mesto at the Alkatraz Gallery while Pekarna in Maribor is the largest alternative cultural centre in northeast Slovenia.

KIBLA Multimedia Centre in Maribor represents the first production institution dealing with multimedia and new media art in Slovenia and has extended its activities into further settings such as KIBLA Portal or KiBela Art Space. The main venue for New Media Art in the coastal region is Mediadom Pyrhani located in Piran, while in Nova Gorica a regional multimedia centre is situated at Mostovna. Delavski dom Trbovlje hosts a cultural centre that is the biggest institution of that kind in the Zasavje region. It is renowned for its festival of new media art Speculum Artium.