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Centralna postaja
Koroška cesta 5, SI-2000 Maribor
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Centralna postaja (Eng.: Central Station) is a small Maribor-based venue and creative studio that deals with various facets of contemporary artistic production. Its primary focus lies in new media art, especially audiovisual performances and computer art, but partly also in the more traditional visual arts like painting and illustration. These fields are explored and presented by an international cast of artists during live performances and exhibitions, via various workshops and educative activities and through research done in situ.

Led by the Uho; oko: Institute, it opened its doors in 2012, when the institute acquired the place on behalf of taking part in the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 programme.


Some of the artists and collectives hosted by Centralna postaja are Paul Prudence (UK), Francisco Lopez (ES), Frank Bretschneider (DE), Atsuhiro Ito (JP), Open Reel Ensemble (JP), Superskin (AT), Jung An Ten (AT), Petra Kapš (alias OR poiesis), Octex, Blaž Peruš, the Kolektiva Institute, Cirkulacija 2, Ontervjabbit and Neven Korda. Many of these performances have been live-streamed on the Internet and are carefully archived, with some of the artworks by hosted artists also available in the form of books, albums, DVDs, prints and so on.

Centralna postaja collaborates with a number of festivals, among them the International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, the Little Elephant Film Festival and the Deconstruct Festival. It is also part of the international project "Core Network / Centralna mreža 2014".

Centralna postaj 2016 Blaž in Gregor Bajc Live.JPG

The vitrine exhibitions

Vitrine, meaning "display windows", represent the venue's very curious exhibition space. Turned and illuminated from the inside out, they face out onto the street and present the featured artists – among them Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Borut Popenko, Nina Bric and Jean Rohe (US) – to the random passers-by.

Centralna postaja 2014 Nina Bric exhibition.jpg

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