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Jernej Marušič

Octex – an acronym for Organic Crackle and Tone Experiments – a.k.a. Jernej Marušič, has been experimenting with music since the late 1990s. Marušič's Octex is one of the most active Slovene live acts and his work has been highly appraised on the international electronic music scene.

Marušič has been interested in improvised music for some time, and besides doing his solo improv sessions, he was also a part of Gangan Ensemble Ljubljana (led by the artist Tengal from the Philippines) in 2009 and in the same year formed a trio Ago Tela. His latest musical interest can be traced to the pseudonym Pavemental, under which his song was featured on the Sampler 2011 compilation, released by Rx-tx.


His first release appeared in 2000 on the compilation called Eletrotehnika Slavenika (later mutated into Tehnika 1 compilation, released by the short-lived Tehnika label) which was issued with an edition of Wire magazine. Octex's track was then already noticed and played by the legendary John Peel on BBC Radio 1.

In 2002 he released his début album Idei Lahesna, also on Tehnika label, garnering high praise from both critics and the public alike (some labelled it the "dub-techno album of the decade") and getting his self-made video for the track "Emergon" played on TV stations such as VIVA and Onyx TV. In 2003 he received a Boomerang Award for best newcomer of the year, and for the second year in a row was selected as one of the 10 finalists for the Radio France International Electronic Music Award. With his album Variations, released on Rx-tx in 2005, his music became more experimental and abstract. This evolution gained him international recognition, a solid fan-base and a number of gigs around Europe.

In the following years he made a number of remixes for artists such as Marko Furstenberg, Gabriel Le Mar, Ultra-Red, Laibach (his remix for their track Smrt za smrt was released by Mute Records), etc. He appeared on numerous Slovene (worth mentioning is the Chilli Space series) as well as foreign compilations. In December 2009, his latest album Every Sound Tells a Story came out. It again attracted enthusiastic feedback and was selected by Radio Študent as one of the five best albums of the year. Using field recordings and his newly-acquired modular synth collection, the album is avant-garde electronics with more than a hint of his club milieu.

A song from Octex's 2002 album Idei Lahesna. He also produced the video.


As one of the most prolific Slovene live acts, Marušič has performed with his his audio/visual live set at such prominent festivals as ARS Electronica (Linz), Club Transmediale (Berlin), ISEA (Helsinki), Dis-patch (Belgrade), Exit (Novi Sad), White Night (Riga), Flussi (Avellino), etc. Octex also performs regularly at Chilli Space events, Dub Lab evenings and at Klub K4 in Ljubljana. Beside doing live sets Marušič also plays dj sets of various genres, presenting music that ranges from old school Berlin techno to contemporary dub.

{{#oembed:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAKm-V1nF9M%7C576}} A track released under the alias Pavemental in 2011.

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