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Ontervjabbit are a synth-drone experimental twosome from Hrastnik, Slovenia. They have been performing together since 2012 when they appeared on the extensive bill of that year's edition of Noise Festival at Klub Menza pri koritu. They describe themselves as two subjects dismantling, symbolising, experimenting, clashing, and moulding the material into the "O-V-J schemata organism".

{{#oembed:http://vimeo.com/52636519%7C576}} Ontervjabbit's performance on DJ Seansa, a Radio Študent (RŠ) regular broadcast.

Ontervjabbit is a joint effort of Neven M. Agalma (also the name behind Dodecahedragraph and a member of Cadlag and Sevenborn and Rasturen) and Domen Učakar (head of the solo project Lifecutter and a member of Icarus Down and Neon Spektra). The pair, both well versed in handling their own projects as well, joined forces some time at the beginning of 2012, after Neven had made a remix of Neon Spektra's track "Volkovi na plano" which ignited their interest in a collaboration even more. An opportunity to play at Noise Festival gave them the final push to start working on their own material.

Live shows and releases

Their notable live appearances include supporting Oneohtrix Point Never on his Ljubljana gig in Klub K4, participating in the 2013 edition of Club Marathon as well as in numerous local and (predominantly) international noise shows and festivals. Neven is also one of the initiators and the main organiser of Zasavje Noisefest International, an international noise festival set in the abandoned mine facilities in the town of Trbovlje.

Their recordings have been very favourably reviewed in local and international media. They sporadically appear in the guise of Ontervjabbit vs. Pharmafabrik, in which they are joined by Simon Šerc of Pharmafabrik Recordings, where they released their first album - Ontervjabbit vs Pharmafabrik: Derivat (2012). Their first independent recording came out in 2013 in a joint effort by Pharmafabrik and Kamizdat.

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