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Pharmafabrik Recordings is a relatively covert, but at the same time very vigorous and prolific, alternative record company. Its main focus is strongly conditioned by the vision of its creator, Simon Šerc, who started the label some time around 1993 in an attempt to create a platform that strives to enhance radical difference in how we perceive, consume, and distribute music and other art. Preferring quality over quantity it delivers rare but comprehensive records of experimental, drone, ambient, electronic, and electro-acoustic music. According to music critics the Pharmafabrik label significantly enriches Slovenian audio diversity with its consistent and clearly defined methodology of sound explorations.

Video and music from Pharmafabrik's Fabriksampler V2, a compilation of tracks by acclaimed Slovene and international musicians released by Pharmafabrik Recordings in 2008.

Inception and direction

Pharmafabrik Recordings in its present form started to arise out of cassette releases for projects such as Kaotičen strah v lastnem krogu se vrteč (Chaotic fear spinning in its own circle), Puredope, 'PureH', Spheres and others. At first, some time between 1993 and 1994, it was established as Pharmafabrik Studio and later grew into Pharmafabrik Recordings.

The independent Pharmafabrik Recordings has now been around for more than twenty years and yet it does not boast a very voluminous discography. Far from a coincidence or a mishap, it is an outcome of a deliberate effort to surmount the apathy and the banal experiences that get translated into undeserved cultural spectacles. This record label spawned in order to reflect reality and the time in which it is set, and at the same time give meaning and context to the human experience. According to an interview for Connexion Bizarre conducted in 2009, the name Pharmafabrik is a construct and it intends to convey the same mysterious ambiance as the famous Bayer Pharmaceuticals poster from 1899. The name was coined a logical choice for a label that enables a way out of reality and into the illusion.

Roster and releases

A convenient approach to getting acquainted with the label's releases are the so called Fabriksampler compilations which feature many prominent Slovene and internationally renowned musicians. For example, Fabriksampler V2 presents (among others) tracks by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh and Jesu (as Final) and Mick Harris of Napalm Death (as Lull). Most of the label's releases and merchandise are available on their Bandcamp channel and each one of their publications testifies to the record's uncompromising posture that is completely free from abiding to any market demands.

Other activities

Pharmafabrik attracts free thinkers and people unconcerned with society's expectations and demands of them. In 2013, this tendency resulted in Cadlag. Pharmafabrik Recordings is one of the vital links of the Slovene noise and experimental music scenes and is known to often join forces with local and especially international supporters and performers of the above mentioned genres.

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