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There is a street in the old part of city centre of Maribor, where many places of culture found their refuge. There are galleries, art spaces, museums, theater and much more on just few hundred meters distance. Koroška Street Phenomenon is extended to the main square Glavni trg, where some more cultural venues are located.


Koroška street is the name of the oldest street in the centre of Maribor. After many years of being neglected the place became uninteresting for business and as such became a place of low or free of charge rents for tenants. The process of gentrification started in 2006 with an opening of cultural incubator on the street. The phenomenon got a kick in 2010 and 2011 when renovation of Pekarna Cultural Centre started and some venues and associations have moved into the vacant properties.


As a place of many different galleries it hosts different art festivals and joint gallery night openings. Such being Festival of Photography Maribor, International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA) and Stoptrik International Film Festival. During the Lent Festival the street closes for traffic and open air concerts, movie projections as well as art exhibitions take place on the street. Joint openings of exhibitions are carried out by GuestRoomMaribor when more artist are hosted by the residential platform and many galleries host the presentation of their final works.

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