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Fotografski muzej Maribor
Koroška cesta 19, SI-2000 Maribor
Founded byMaribor National Liberation Museum
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The Photography Museum Maribor deals with the history of photography and photographic technology. Its permanent exhibition features a collection of various late 19th-century to late 20th-century cameras and film cameras as well as accessories such as flashes, filters and shutters. However, the museum also sets up temporary exhibitions of photographs by both historic and contemporary authors.

Managed by the Maribor National Liberation Museum as a part of its take on industrial and technical heritage, the museum opened its doors in 2012.


The biggest part of the museum is represented by the Avgust and Maria Bohanec Photography Collection. Avgust Bohanec (b. 1933) was a Slovene locksmith, who in the late 1950s moved to the USA. There he became a deal in photography equipment, a repair service provider and a representative of the Leica cameras manufacturer. Together with his wife Maria he also became a renowned collector of photography equipment.

In the late 1980s, the pair decided to donate their collection to the city of Maribor in order to be presented in a public museum. The donated collection featured 1,645 items, including more than 1,100 cameras, film cameras and projectors.

Collections and exhibitions

The core of the permanent collection comprises select artefacts from the donated collection. They are augmented by certain additional pieces, together comprehensively presenting the evolution of analogue photographic technology all the way to the start of the 21st century, when digital photography became the norm.

The museum also has a gallery where it sets up about 5 exhibitions per year. These are usually more focused on photographic content, be it art, historic or documentary photography. Among the authors whose work has been displayed here are Stojan Kerbler, Zora Plešnar, Smiljan Pušenjak, Gero Angleitner, Viljem Klemenčič and Peter Naglič.

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