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SobaZaGoste Maribor
Vetrinjska ulica 30, SI-2000 Maribor
Managed byPekarna Magdalena Network
Lucija Smodiš, Producer
Simon Žlahtič, Producer
Online accounts:
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In 2011 the GuestRoomMaribor, the first Artist-in-Residence platform in Maribor for international artists was opened at the Pekarna Cultural Centre, run by the Pekarna Magdalena Network. During the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 the GuestRoom hosted several young international artists with an aim of establishing Maribor as an incubator of new ideas. Today the the GuestRoomMaribor is a highly profiled programme for the so-called curated residencies, local communiy-based projects and hybrids between art and research being preferred. Up to 2016 the GuestRoomMaribor hosted 45 residents.

The project is a coproduction of Pekarna Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor, and Narodni dom Maribor in collaboration with Maribor cultural producers.

A public call

A public bid for a 5-week residency is issued on an annual basis, open for creators in the field of visual arts, performance and body art, inter- and transmedial art, land and public art, art activism and interventions in the public space.

Up to three artists or art collectives are selected. They are introduced to the local (art) scene by the GMR team of curators and producers, and offered professional support.

The 2 atelier apartments measuring 96 m2 and 76m2 that are located in the core of the old city center (Vetrinjski dvor), and equipped with kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping area) are offered free of charge, the scholarship being 500 EUR, and the production costs covered up to 400 EUR.

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