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Cona zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti
Peričeva 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Irena Pivka, Artistic Director, Producer, Designer
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Brane Zorman, Director, Producer, Program Leader, Sound Engineer
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Jasmina Založnik, Project Coordinator
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Past Events
  • 26 October to 28 October 2017
    The participative installationMovement for public speech by Polonca Lovšin, the interactive monument Moonolith by Martin Bricelj Baraga, and the gardenWALK sound artwork by Irena Pivka & Brane Zorman (Cona Institute) at Apollonia’s garden, Lieu d’Europe, Robertsau area in Strasbourg, France
  • 17 September 2017
    EMS Memory Trackers, a sound performance by Brane Zorman (Cona Institute), supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Berlin, Slovenian Cultural Centre in Berlin, at Spektrum in Berlin, Germany
  • 19 November to 22 November 2015
    Field Frequency Flux, an in situ soundwalk by Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka (Cona Institute), at the Locus Sonus – Mobile Audio Fest at ESAAix, Fondation Vasarely, La Friche la Belle de Mai, Parc Longchamp in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, France
  • 24 September 2015
    Hidden Materia, a talk with and performance by Brane Zorman (Cona Institute), at Music Hackspace in London, United Kingdom
  • 25 October 2014
    Hidden Materia, a spatial sound performance by Brane Zorman (Cona Institute), at G12HUB in Belgrade, Serbia
  • 23 October 2014
    Hidden Materia, a spatial sound performance by Brane Zorman (Cona Institute), at Salon Izidor Kršnjavi in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1 December to 18 December 2011
    Wireless Feelings by The Sweetest Band audio project by Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič presented at the Radio Arts Space of the Cona Institute and at the 6th edition of the Streeming Festival in The Hague, Netherlands

CONA Institute for Contemporary Art Procesing was established in 2007 by the musician and new media artist Brane Zorman and the architect and scenographer Irena Pivka. The institute owes its name to Cona [Zone], an ongoing series of engaged urban artistic projects related to migration issues that the duo has been developing since 2001.

Cona also produces the Beitthron electronic music project, run by Brane Zorman, and together with the Intima Virtual Base Institute coproduces the Ballettikka Internettikka series of web-based performances. Since 2008 Cona runs a temporary independent analogue radio station RadioCona which has become an important agent in claiming public radio-frequency space for artistic and broader social contexts.

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