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Celjski mladinski center (Zavod CMLC)
Mariborska 2, SI-3000 Celje
Phone386 (0) 3 490 8740
Sonja Majcen, Acting director and International Projects Co-ordinator

Phone386 (0) 40 570 289

Celje Youth Centre is at once a venue and an organisation dealing with youth culture, education, information dissemination and sports. Alongside setting up cultural events and activities (concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops, etc), it also organizes student exchanges, internships, community oriented projects and runs an adjacent Youth Hostel and a café.

Since 2009, the Celje Youth Centre is a member of the M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia.


At its premises, the centre regularly hosts various events like travelogue lectures, table tennis competitions, dance classes and occasional affairs produced by outside parties. It is very active in running various workshops and seminars, which deal with topics such as employment opportunities, start-up funding and also different skills of arts and crafts.

It has been involved in substantial projects in its urban surroundings, and has among other things designed and established a cafeteria by the local lake, organized the so called Street Olympics events and founded an initiative for raising the ecological awareness among the residents of Celje.

Cultural programme

The musical programme at the Celje Youth Centre presents a varied set of musicians going from hip hop poets to metal bands and chamber music ensembles. Some of them were Let 3 (HR), Foltin (MK), Katalena, Hamo & Tribute 2 love, Jadranka Juras, LeeLooJamais, Čompe and a number of tribute bands. Along their side, young groups of a more local character regularly take the stage, as do the yearly participants of the Club Marathon .

The centre also runs the Etno Urban festival, the Mediafest, Festival of Contemporary Music and Digital Art, the Tribute to Festival and the Stopin'ce Youth Literature Festival. It has participated in setting up the Džjezz Festival and the IRIU Festival.

Visual arts exhibitions happen on a regular basis and have featured drawings by the French artists Anouck Faure, works by the Chinese painters Li Ming, Wan Liya in Guan Fei (presenting their takes on the city of Celje), photographies created at the Celje FOKUS Festival and different works from many artists of the region. Other events include theatre plays (like Goran Vojnovič's Čefurji Raus), stand up comedy, film screenings, etc.

International activities

Heavily involved in EU projects, the centre sets up exchanges of European volunteers (the EVS programme), leads the local Eurodesk office and the regional information centre Europe Direct Savinjska and takes care of the informational portal Infopentlja (offering, among other things, comprehensive info and up-to-date news on different international prospects for young people).

Some of the international projects the centre is (or was) involved in are Cl@ss, Go&LearNET and Active for future, all of which are initiatives focusing on education, non formal training and the transmission of knowledge.


Celje Youth Centre received national award for the Youth Exchange project "E-ville Communities in the Fight against Hate Speech and Radicalization of Young People", which was prepared in response to the increasing online hate speech and the high incidence of youth radicalization in Europe.

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Celjski mladinski center (Zavod CMLC) +
Sonja Majcen +
46.233 +
Celjski mladinski center (Zavod CMLC) +
15.267 +
SI-3000 Celje +
Acting director and International Projects Co-ordinator +
Mariborska 2 +
Celje Youth Centre is at once a venue and an organisation dealing with youth culture, education, information dissemination and sports. +
Celje Youth Centre is at once a venue and an organisation dealing with youth culture, education, information dissemination and sports. +
+386 / 3 490 8740 +
Celje +
SI-3000 +
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