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Phone386 (0) 41 859 976

LeeLooJamais is a pop collective that first got together in 1999 and has since left quite a noticeable mark on the Slovene pop scene. Their sound, which has changed considerably throughout the past decade, is currently a fusion of R&B, dance, and contemporary (and, in a way, also eighties-sounding) pop. It is – for Slovene standards – produced in a remarkably contemporary fashion and has brought the band a number of gigs outside Slovenia. They were invited to play at the Exit Festival and were also hosted by a number of Slovene festivals. They were also the official support act for the Duran Duran gig in Ljubljana in 2012.


LeeLooJamais consists of six musicians and boasts a slightly unusual instrumental set-up for a pop group, with Lovro Ravbar playing the saxophone, Lara Šiljevinac Puntar (Lara Love) on vocals, Rok Lopatič on keyboards, Jernej Trobentar on guitar, Miha Koren on bass guitar, and David Debevc on drums and occasional vocal accompaniment. This is more or less the original line-up, with the drummer being the only replaced member. His predecessor, Ivo Rimc, is now playing in Zebra Dots, another band that is bent on making quality pop music that follows the current world trends in the genre. The band also had a another singer called Christine, since in 2006 Lara Love left the band and for a time embarked on a solo career, achieving quite an extraordinary success with her collaborations with the famed Slovene pop singer Jan Plestenjak and the producers Shark & Sylvain.

As Rok Lopatič, Ivo Rimc, and Lovro Ravbar form the Club & Vehicle production team, the band has the production of their music in their own hands. They also produce for other artists and their work for the Croatian band E.N.I. garnered them the nomination for the production of the best Croatian pop album in 2008.

Discography and awards

The band released their début album in 2001. Called Pod vplivom [Under the influence], the album had a jazz influenced pop-rock sound. The sound was then expanded with R&B, soul, and hip hop influences on their second release titled Nextasy, the album which brought the band into the spotlight. The song "Ne Zameri Mi" (featuring the Dutch rapper Lord Lefty) was voted for the Best Pop Song 2004 at the Slovenian Radio Festival. The album was named the best album of 2004 by the daily newspaper Dnevnik and the band itself was nominated for the "Best Act on MTV Adria" on the MTV European Music Awards 2005.

Their third album Country Music Club, recorded with the temporary singer Christine, also featured some guest musicians, one of them being the Serbian R&B singer Alexandra Kovač. It gained them a nomination for the "Best Act on MTV Adria". The same stands for their fourth album titled Excuse My Imagination, which was released in 2011 and once again delivered a number of hits. Their first single from the album, "Rain Dance", was produced by the Croatian producer Koolade (Matko Šašek), also of the Zebra Dots band. Their second single brought them the award "Best Hitorama Live Act 2010", while their third one took them into the finals of the EMA contest. The album is, aside from one song, wholly sung in English.

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