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Rampa Laboratorij
Kersnikova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 212 292
Petra Milič, Coordinator

Phone386 () 31 824 844

Rampa Lab is a multimedia centre and a production platform that facilitates various intersections of art, technology, science and education. Alongside the core of its activities – workshops aimed at children and youth, with the participants being equipped with basic skills as well as advanced conceptions of new technologies, artistic processes and business ideas – Rampa organises art exhibitions, community meetings, film screenings, lectures, public discussions and so on.

This "laboratory" styles itself as an environment for hacking technology and society alike. DIY, interdisciplinarity, copyleft licensing and open source knowledge are the principles that inform most of its activities. Alongside explorations into fields such as bio-art, robotics, renewable energy and electrochemical processes of music-making, there is also a strong focus on initiatives that endorse and support gender equality in technology, software development and new media art.

Institutional context

Established in 2012, Rampa Lab is run in close collaboration with the lab BioTehna and the Kapelica Gallery, both of whom share its basic interest in technologically adventurous art. All three are a part of the Kersnikova Institute, which has previously run the cultural and multimedia centre Cyberpipe.

Rampa often cooperates with RogLab as well as with a number of other organisations, initiatives, individuals and private businesses. It is a member of M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia.


A number of projects, workshops and initiatives are taking or have taken place at Rampa. Of the workshops one can mention "Crafty builders", a weekly series designed to give the participants (aged between 12 and 15) a basic understanding and the skills needed to create simple 3D objects, environments and animations. It is led by Kristijan Tkalec (co-founder of Rampa and head of BioTehna) and his colleagues from the animation studio called CtrlArt.

There is also the "Friday Academy", alternately called the "5hek Academy", which presents a learning model by which children and youth cooperate with artists and scientists. These and other similar workshops are usually free of charge and take place on a weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, there are also more condensed events such as the so-called "Summer Academy", which comes with complimentary daycare for children.

Rampa hosted a series of events that dealt with the issue of books in the age of digitisation, during which a DIY book scanner was created. It has also run workshops on the necessary skills for DIY fixing of computer hardware; organised the Feminist Wikimarathon, a project of upgrading the Slovenian Wikipedia on the topics of female artists, scientists and publicists; and facilitated various artistic projects that featured internationally renowned artists like Gilberto Esparza (MX) and Erin Sexton (CA). In collaboration with the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, Rampa produced an installation called ČIPke: Nature_I Wear, created by attendees of a workshop about responsive electronics, eTextiles and hat design.

The ČIPke Intiative

A notable enterprise that has grown out of Rampa's platform is ČIPke, an initiative for women interested in technology and new media art. Led and founded by the artist Saša Spačal and the curator Ida Hiršenfelder, it was founded at Cyberpipe in 2011. ČIPke is foremost a series of workshops on a variety of topics, from software and hardware usage to robotics, with the mentors being both guests from abroad as well as the participants of the workshops. There are about 50 regular participants, and some of its projects gone public are a noise music band, a documentary (co-produced with RTV Slovenia) on female scientists, and various appearances at festivals such as the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, City of Women, Idrija Lace Festival and Pixxelpoint.

Of a slightly similar vein is also the CodeCatz initiative, which is aimed at female software developers who are active at Rampa as well.

HAIP park

Rampa annually presents some of its achievements and activities at HAIP park, an annual "showcase" of projects undertaken by the institutions running under the Kersnikova Institute. HAIP is an acronym for "Hack, Act, Interact, Progress".

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Rampa Laboratorij +
Petra Milič +
Rampa Laboratorij +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
Coordinator +
Kersnikova 4 +
Rampa Lab is a multimedia centre and a production platform that facilitates various intersections of art, technology, science and education. +
Rampa Lab is a multimedia centre and a production platform that facilitates various intersections of art, technology, science and education. +
Rampa Laboratorij je multimedijski center in produkcijska platforma, ki deluje na stičišču umetnosti, tehnologije, znanosti in izobraževanja. +
+386 / 40 212 292 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +
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