New media art education and research


Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab 2012 Interactivos Photo Helena Bozic (12).jpgInteractivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future, 2012 Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future, held at Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, 2012

The formal university education in wider interdisciplinary contemporary art and new media art can be obtained at the Arts Academy of the University of Nova Gorica (2016–), A.V.A. Institute, Academy of Visual Arts (2007–) and Multimedia Institute and Academy (2000–) among the newly established ones. The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) (1945–) reformed the programme of study at the Department of Painting in 2009 and since then offers a module in "Video and New Media Art". Renowned for collaborating with new media artists in their investigative research are the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor.

In terms of informal education opportunities, the annual World of Art: School for Contemporary Arts run by SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts since 1997 is a pioneering initiative in the broader region of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe that offers practical and theoretical education in the field of contemporary art. The research infrastructure on the relation between literature and new media art is set up at the Research Centre for Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica. Education in sonic arts is offered by the Institute for Sonic Arts Research and MoTA Museum of Transitory Art. Aksioma Institute offers regular lectures and talks on the use of new technologies in the (post)modern society, focused on hacking the roles and narratives of mass media. Since 2010, it organises the series of conferences and seminars Tactics & Practice which aims to refresh educational offering in Slovenia.

World of Art School for Contemporary Arts 2009 World of Art anthologies.jpgWorld of Art anthologies

Digital archives of video art are available online at, DIVA Station and possible to view at the Web Museum, a digital repository of Moderna galerija (MG).

Aksioma Institute, Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, SCCA and Šum - journal for contemporary art criticism and theory publish theoretical texts about new media art. The Association for Culture and Education KIBLA runs the TOX publishing label since 1995 and publishes the bilingual FOLIO, a magazine for contemporary art, culture and the joy of life, since 2009. Maska Institute is an active publishing platform and has a book section dedicated to theory and texts relevant to new media, multimedia and hybrid art.

Biotehna 2017 Friday Academy GenLab Photo Hana Josic.jpgFriday Academy: GenLab, BioTehna, 2017.

The interdisciplinary educational, experimental and research platform BioTehna is available to artists, students and children in the form of workshops and exhibitions. Workshops of hacking, DIY and open source knowledge aimed at children and youth are executed at Rampa Lab, both platforms are part of the Kersnikova Institute. Rampa's notable platform is ČIPke, an initiative for women interested in technology and new media art founded in 2011. PIFcamp, a project of Projekt Atol Institute and Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, is an annual summer international gathering or hack-camp that explores various intersections of art, technology and nature.

PIFcamp 2018 Hannah Perner-Wilson Photo Katja Goljat.jpgSense Yourself Making project developed by Hannah Perner-Wilson at the PIFcamp 2018.