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Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Meta Štular, Project Head

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Located in a 30 m² container object on the bank of the Ljubljanica River and just next to Tovarna Rog, RogLab is a rather elusive type of a cultural facility. Focused on the fields of design, architecture and visual arts, it serves as an interdisciplinary space for education, research and production. Aiming to foster new collaborations and synergies in the creative economies sector, RogLab functions via a partnership network featuring several cultural, research and educational institutions as well private companies. The place itself runs under the auspices of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.

An integral part of RogLab is its programme of 3D printing workshops and courses, with the lab being equipped with 3D printers, CNC and laser cutters, as well as some other tools. The workshops are varied and often aimed at children. For a small charge, individuals can also use the tools.


Striving to enable and support innovation-oriented creativity, RogLab focuses on different groups – artists, creative industries professionals and companies as well as students, children and creative hobbyists. Aside from bolstering connections between creative activities and business, it also puts a special emphasis on projects that thematise social and environmental responsibility.


In 2010 the Municipality of Ljubljana joined the Central European project Second Chance. Connecting five cities – Nuremberg, Leipzig, Venice, Krakow and Ljubljana – the project aimed to develop innovative strategies and concepts to upgrade former industrial zones into cultural and creative spaces. In Ljubljana, the case in question was Tovarna Rog (hence the lab's name).

RogLab was set up as in October 2012 as a pilot investment for the future Rog Centre for Architecture, Design and Contemporary Art. RogLab's purpose was to develop and test contents, partnerships and working modalities that could be further developed and built in the new Rog Centre following the renovation of the former bicycle factory. Gradually, RogLab outlived this initial concept and has gotten itself a new life and a creed of its own.

Partnerships and projects

Stripburger and Forum Ljubljana frequently partner with RogLab on various projects – workshops on animation, video editing and drawing (sometimes also resulting in 3D printed artefacts), as well as exhibitions of the resulting works at the Lighting Guerrilla Festival. Another regular partner on RogLab's workshops is the Rampa Lab, which shares its focus on contemporary technology being used for creative, artistically informed purposes and enterprises.

A series of interesting projects developed at RogLab have involved clothing. One was Socialdress, a long-lasting art project run by Marija Mojca Pungerčar that revolved around the social aspect of sewing, which brought together people from the local community (for example, the elderly and the unemployed), either teaching them to sew or drawing on their own skills that they eventually shared with others. Slightly different was the "DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY" project, an international call for designing fashion accessory equipment for physically disabled people who use a wheelchair. It was done in collaboration with the YHD - Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap and the Culturemaker Institute.

RogLab has organised a series of lectures on urbanism, done in collaboration with the Department for Spatial Sociology, of the Faculty of Social Sciences. It also partnered with the Faculty of Architecture for a joint workshop programme, held in partnership with the New York City College of Technology – CUNY.

RogLab has worked with or exhibited at other educational, research and art institutions including: the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, TrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture, the Museum of Architecture and Design, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, the Designers Society of Slovenia (DOS) and others. Some of the private businesses with whom RogLab is associated are the aviation materials focused Aereform, the graphic engineering and software developing company IB-CADDY and RPS, a company specialising in 3D modelling.

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Located in a 30 m² container object on the bank of the Ljubljanica River and just next to Tovarna Rog, RogLab is a rather elusive type of a cultural facility. +
Located in a 30 m² container object on the bank of the Ljubljanica River and just next to Tovarna Rog, RogLab is a rather elusive type of a cultural facility. +
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