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3rdHand Association

Established in 2005, the 3rdHand Association (Društvo Tretaroka) is an organisation of quite a diverse and elusive character. It runs a multi-disciplinary and socially engaged programme that reflects the collective's backgrounds in design, art, cultural politics and social sciences. Proactive in setting up collaborative, educational and experimental platforms, the association is responsible for the Independent Biennial and Design Biotop.

Design Biotop 2015 Brainstorming at Kino Siska Photo Barbara Pocek.jpgDuring one of the editions of Design Biotop the participants, coming from the public administrations, were joined for workshops by selected designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Pictured here at Kino Šiška, 2015

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Design Biotop 2015 Brainstorming at Kino Siska Photo Barbara Pocek.jpg

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