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Contact info
Galerija Kresija
Stritarjeva ulica 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 306 1171
Fax386 (0) 1 306 1246
ProprietorMunicipality of Ljubljana
Mateja Veble, Head
Online accounts:

Running a dense and very diverse programme of exhibitions, the Kresija Gallery predominantly focuses on contemporary Slovene artists of various aesthetic persuasions. Alongside the more conventional displays of fine arts the gallery often sets up exhibitions that relate to design, fashion, illustration and architecture. Furthermore, sound and performance art events occasionally also take place, thus placing the Kresija Gallery amongst the more important nodes in the Slovene art landscape.

Situated right in the centre of Ljubljana, on the ground floor atrium of a historic building called Kresija, the gallery is owned and run by the Municipality of Ljubljana. It is open for various co-productions and also for rent.


The neoclassical palace in which the gallery is located is called Kresija. It was built after the massive earthquake that shock Ljubljana in 1895 and the aftermath of which has greatly shaped the architectural flavour of contemporary Ljubljana. The building, designed by Leopold Theyer, overlooks the Ljubljanica river and the famed Triple-bridge.

Though the palace already hosted an important exhibition of Slovene impressionists back in 1919 (organised by the National Gallery Society), the Kresija Gallery itself was opened in in 2000. It is joined by the nearby Magistrat Gallery and the City Hall Atria gallery space, with the sales gallery for contemporary fine arts DobraVaga also not far of.


At the beginning the programme of the Kresija Gallery focused mostly on architecture and design exhibitions, but it soon started to feature Slovene visual arts authors. Occasionally exhibitions also relate to municipal projects or projects resulting in cooperation between the City of Ljubljana and its domestic or international partners. Due to the exhibitions changing every two weeks or so, it is hard to make any comprehensive overview of the gallery's curatorial scope – nevertheless one can mention the painters Sašo Vrabič, Aleksij Kobal and Arjan Pregl; the designer Tomato Košir; the fashion designers theCollective; and the hard-to-pin-down works of artists like Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Oto Rimele, Maša Gala, etc.

There was also a group exhibition of Pulitzer winning photos by the Reuters photographers, an exhibition by the well known photographer James Nachtwey, and several displays of various architectural open calls, researches, solutions, etc. Concerts and performances frequently accompany exhibition openings.


In recent years, Galerija Kresija collaborated with the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre on the cross-European project »All strings Attached: the pioneers of European Puppetry« and hosted parts of the Blind Date Convention, Festival of the Artist’s Book, the Open House Slovenia Festival, the Biennial of Graphic Arts, the Slovenia Press Photo Festival, etc. It also collaborates with Strip Core (as for example on a display of works by the Croatian comic artists Danijel Žeželj) and the Architects' Society of Ljubljana (DAL).

Exhibition space

  • dimensions: 93m² (15.5m x 6m x 5.5m H) incorporating 15.5 linear metres of wall space
  • installation system: Nielsen hanging system
  • lighting: halogen lighting system, natural light from windows
  • climate control: yes

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