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Contact info
Razstavni prostori v Mestni hiši
Mestni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 306 1036, 386 (0)1 306 1171
Fax386 (0) 1 306 1246
ProprietorMunicipality of Ljubljana
Mateja Veble, Head
Phone386 (0) 306 1036

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The City Hall Atria is situated in Ljubljana Town Hall and consists of the Glass Atrium, the Historical Atrium, the Central Atrium and the Right Atrium.

The exhibition space is often used to showcase City of Ljubljana projects such as public competitions for best urban or architecture solutions, exhibitions prepared for different municipal anniversaries, or exhibitions in the context of international and inter-city partnerships. Besides the four atria host many monographic and group exhibitions of already established or amateur painters or sculptors. As a rule, exhibitions here are opened by the mayor of Ljubljana.

Exhibition space

The Historical Atrium measures 237m² (21.5m x 11m x 4m H) and the Glass Atrium: 42m² (10.5m x 4m x 3.3m H) incorporating 15 linear metres of wall space and 12 linear metres of free-standing exhibition screens. There is a halogen and fluorescent lighting system plus natural light from the windows and skylights.

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