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UAUU.Univerzalni atelje uličnih Umetnosti
Gosposvetska 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 68 631 670
Phone386 (0) 41 917 352

Universal Studio of Street Arts is an artist-run studio and gallery founded in 2014. It holds exhibitions, events and provides any kind of artistic services.


At the same time a co-working studio, an art shop and a gallery, the Universal Studio of Street Arts serves as a node for various protagonists active in the the so-called creative industries. Open to a very wide range of creative expressions, UAUU (as it is also called) caters to everything from illustration, design, graffiti art and photography to architecture, computer programming and hip-hop. Located in the centre of Ljubljana, it is a part of the Šiška Gallery Quarter network (though one could here argue it is not actually located in the Šiška neighbourhood).

The place was set up in 2014 by a group of designers, artists, craftsmen and programmers, with a number of them coming from the Ljubljana street art scenes. These previously hadn't really had such an outlet for presenting their work, and feature strongly in UAUU's programme.


UAUU itself is a permanent exhibition, with much of its equipment being unique pieces available for sale. It is equipped with a 360 degrees rotating wall, and is adaptable for very different uses – from designer clothes exhibitions and film screenings (among them was the Težina lanaca (The Weight of Chains, 2010) documentary) to music concerts and regular drawing workshops. In 2015, the month of May was dedicated to skateboarding culture, which for example featured workshops on creating the so-called finger-skates, for which even a miniature skate-park was made.

UAUU occasionally organises guided tours around other events and venues in Ljubljana, like for example the Biennial of Graphic Arts. They cooperate with the Urbano Dejanje festival.

In 2018, UAUU was a part of Open Day at the Teren Experience Park in Ljubljana, which is a place for experimenting, building and testing new ideas of different stakeholders, and it was created in the area of ​​a construction pit, which was temporarily transformed into an urban culture site. The terrain offers new opportunities for learning, socializing, getting to know each other and playing. The purpose of the project is to show how useful materials can be reused. Together with other volunteers, UAUU helped regulate the playground and kindergartens with materials provided by Ljubljana's re-use centre. The event was organised in co-operation with Municipality of Ljubljana.


The programme is based upon initiatives that come from the various communities that intersect at UAUU. The first exhibition presented the Ljubljana street arts scene, among them works by the graffiti clans 1107, ZEK Crew and Egotrip.

What followed, is a dense programme of exhibitions, with the artists also offering their works for sale. UAUU mostly (but not exclusively) presents creators from the local milieu, for example the illustrator and designer Miha Kosmač, the Croatian street artist Chez, the painter and graffiti artist Evgen Čopi Gorišek, the clothes designer Von Ludvik, the sculptor Ana Mrovlje, and students from the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Ljubljana.

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