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Kulturni dom Cerknica
Cesta 4. maja 63, SI-1380 Cerknica
Phone386 (0) 1 709 2209
Anja Bajda Gorela, Head

Phone386 (0) 51 326 576

The Cerknica Culture House [Kulturni dom Cerknica] is the central cultural institution in the town of Cerknica and its surrounding region. The Cultural house was established in 2006 and is now run by the Public Institute of Notranjska Regional Park. It is stationed in the former centre of the gymnastics society Sokol [Falcon], which was renovated and turned into a modern cultural venue.

Cerknica Culture House 2017 front entrance Photo Ljubo Vukelic.jpgThe square in front of the Cerknica Culture House, featuring a statue of a famous fictional character from Slovene literature, Martin Krpan, 2017


In order to foster a quality cultural scene it runs a varied and ambitious programme that includes music concerts, theatre and puppetry performances, stand-up shows, film and animation screeenings, and various programmes for children. It plays an important role in facilitating local amateur theatre groups and is also collaborating with other cultural initiatives in the region.

The culture house organises an annual theatre performances subscription series for adults and children, respectively, hosting selected theatre production from theatre houses round Slovenia (eg Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste, Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre), and some local theatre groups performances. They have hosted also a line of contemporary dance and theatre performances by non-governmenatal performing arts producers, for instance by Muzeum Institute, EPI Centre, Federacija Institute, etc.


The culture house has a medium-sized hall for about 200 people and is well equipped with sound and lightning equipment. The hall and other facilities may be rented by outside parties as well. The centre's patio enables outdoor activities such as concerts and other public gatherings.

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