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Contact info
Društvo za širjenje filmske kulture Kino!
Na jami 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 720 717
Maja Krajnc, President
Online accounts:

Past Events
  • 27 October to 2 November 2014
    The Long Vacation, directed by Damjan Kozole (Vertigo), Wanted, directed by Jure Dolenc (Forum Ljubljana), Screens, directed by Hanna Slak, 1717 Kilometers of Summer, directed by Jurij Meden (Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture), at 57th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film DOK Leipzig at Cinémathèque Leipzig, CineStar 6, Passage Kinos in Leipzig, Germany
  • 17 August to 25 August 2013
    Mother Europe, directed by Petra Seliškar and co-produced by Petra Pan Film Production and PPFP, and Karl Marx Among Us, directed by Jurij Meden and produced by Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture, at the DokuFest 2013 at Kalaja Cinema, Lum Cinema in Prizren, Kosovo

The Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture was established in 2007. It comprises a group of film experts – Nil Baskar, Maja Krajnc, Jurij Meden, and Andrej Šprah – who also constitute an editorial board for the society's main project, the Kino! Magazine for Cinema and Cinematic Issues. The Kino! Society has also become an important publisher of cinema related books since in the last two years it has published some important titles, like What is Cinema? by André Bazin, Kiarostami Abbas: The Evidence of Film by Jean-Luc Nancy, School of Animated Film by Borivoj Dovniković, and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (the latter co-published with 2 Reels - Association for Reanimation of Storytelling.

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