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A Retrovizor film screenings took place up to 2010.

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Retrovizor is a non-formal association of hardcore cinephiles. It first appeared in 1993 when a small group of Slovene cinephiles met with Italian artist Mr. Doctor of the Devil Doll and started to organise screenings of silent films in the hall of the National Theatre and Film Museum at Mestni trg 17. In 1996 it published the first and until today the only book in its collection, The Attack of Radioactive Films: Sci-fi Films of the 1950s by Aleš Blatnik. Later it has reappeared in various forms.

In October 2007 Retrovizor launched a film seminar called "Film circle" (Filmski krožek) featuring themes such as Film Comedy, the New Hollywood, the American "Black" Film and Partisan Films in collaboration with the Workers' Punk University. Its programme was hosted by Klub Gromka at Metelkova up to 2010.

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