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Contact info
Zavod Kinoatelje
Erjavčeva 51, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Phone39 (0) 41 353 261
Orjana Velikonja Grbac, Director
Mateja Zorn, Head of Programme
Phone39 (0) 41 353 261
Online accounts:

The Kinoatelje Institute was established in 2003 to enrich and facilitate cross-border cultural projects between Slovenia and Italy. It is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation closely related to Kinoatelje, which was founded in 1977 in Gorizia-Gorica (a town on the Italian side of the border) by film critic Darko Bratina.

The main mission of Kinoatelje Institute is to promote film culture by implementing different productions, programmes, and projects that are particularly open to the development of new forms of creative practices. The institute's activity is focused largely on the cross-border towns of Nova Gorica and Gorizia.

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In coproduction with Kinoatelje (Italy) the Kinoatelje Institute organises the cross-border film festival Tribute to a Vision. The festival is home to the ever-growing film platform First Crossings, developed as an inherent part of the festival and dedicated to the research of new film languages, focusing particularly on younger authors and audiences.

In cooperation with the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the Kinoatelje Institute organises the city's traditional open-air cinema Letni kino Silvana Furlana.


In the last two decades, the Kinoatelje Institute has produced several multimedia projects and documentaries, exploring the complexity of border identities through personal and collective memory. The author tandem Nadja Velušček and Anja Medved, long-standing associates, have conceived and directed many documentaries. Among them Town in the Meadow (Mesto na Travniku, 2004) and The Moment of the River (Trenutek reke, 2010).

Upon joining the EU in 2004, and entering the Schengen area on 20 December 2007, Slovenia abolished the borders with other EU member states. This occurrence gave way to a long-run project where the public was invited to donate memories and fragments of family and archive films. From this project emerged documentaries such as Smuggler’s Confessional (Spovednica tihotapcev, 2010), Looking Through the Iron Curtain (Pogledi skozi železno zaveso, 2010), and others.

Kinoatelje's film collection also features A Small Apocalypse (Mala Apokalipsa, 2008) by Alvaro Petricig; Beyond the Wire (Onstran žice, 2012), a documentary feature film about the Gonars concentration camp directed by Dorino Minigutti; and the feature debut A Calm Day (Miren dan, 2018) by Jan Mozetič.

Educational programme

Every year, several educational programmes and seminars are presented throughout the year, among them the annual one-week Youth Film Campus, dedicated to kids and the youth. Some films made during this project have received awards at different festivals.

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