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Contact info
Piazza della Vittoria/Travnik 41, 34170 Gorizia-Gorica
Phone39 (0) 4 813 3580
Fax39 (0) 4 815 4544
Aleš Doktorič, President
Zavod Kinoatelje, Šempas
Šmihel 55, SI-5261 Šempas
Phone386 (0) 5 308 8328, 386 (0) 40 608035 (mobile)
Mateja Zorn, Head
Nadja Velušček, Coordinator
Phone386 (0) 40 608 035
Anja Medved, Coordinator
Online accounts:
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The Kinoatelje audiovisual and intercultural services centre was established in 1977 in Gorizia-Gorica (a town on the Italian side of the border) by film critic Darko Bratina, a professor of sociology from Trieste. From the beginning its main goal was to promote the cultural collaboration between Italy and Slovenia and to introduce the Slovene cinema (not the Yugoslav one) to the Italian audience. All of Kinoatelje's film presentations and productions are combined with research and publishing activities. In 2003 Kinoatelje established a branch at Šempas in Slovenia.

In 1981 Kinoatelje organised the programme Cinema sloveno, a retrospective of Slovene film from 1948–1981, which was followed by avant-premières of Slovene films and various retrospectives. Since that time it has organised various events and projects, including GoricaKinema-GoriziaCinema, Cinematography in Gorica 1896-1918, Film 100 Gorica, Mittelmonitor, Una citta dimenticata [The Forgotten City], Remakes, A Chronicle of Love, and Film and Culture in Gorica from the Avant-garde up to Nowadays. A special project has also been dedicated to silent film actress Nora Gregor.

Since 1986 Kinoatelje has run the Film Video Monitor Festival, a film festival which focuses on Slovene film.

Kinoatelje Šempas office

The Šempas office of Kinoatelje was established in 2003 as a non-for-profit non-governmental organisation. It closely cooperates with the Gorizia-Gorica based Kinoatelje on cross-border film and video projects.

It has produced a number of multimedia projects and documentaries: The Sewing of Memories [Sešivalnica spominov] (2006), Little Apocalypse [Mala apokalipsa] (2006), The Moment of a River [Trenutek reke] (2010), all screened at the Festival of Slovenian Film. The documentaries are conceived and directed by Nadja Velušček and/or Anja Medved and mostly revolve around border issues.

In 2010, for example, Kinoatelje in Šempas and the office in Gorizia-Gorica co-produced Place in This Galaxy [Prostor v tej galaksiji], a film that probes the intricate relationships between personal memories and images.

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