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Filmsko društvo Film Factory
Ruška cesta 55, SI-2000 Maribor
Mojca Pernat, Director

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The film association Film Factory produces feature and animation film projects, focusing on author and commission. It is a film-loving collective of young film authors and producers, established in 2009 by Maribor-based filmmakers Miha Šubic, Mojca Pernat and Mitja Mlakar. The Film Factory actively works in the field of film production and film education of young people. Since 2014, it is a member of the European Network of Young Cinema Nisi Masa.

Film production

As a producer, Film Factory has created several film projects: the short feature film Missing the moment (2012) by director Mitja Mlakar; the short feature Busker (2014) by director Mitja Mlakar; the short feature Food Fetish (2014) by director Miha Šubic; and the short feature I’ll Probably Never See You Again (2017) by director Mitja Mlakar, which competed at the 2018 FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival. In 2014, they also co-produced the short feature Kresnik: The Lore of Fire by director David Sipoš.

Educational programme

The producers from the Film Factory are aware that film literacy is an important part of general education, therefore, besides producing their own mainly short films they also conduct film education programmes for young people where they can get the genuine contact with the film, both as film makers and critical viewers. Their educational programme includes 17 educational institutions and cultural organisations from north-eastern Slovenia. "This is how we create a critical audience and socially responsible members of society", says Mojca Pernat, known primarily as a producer of short feature films.

Since 2009, Film Factory organises Film Factory Workshops in which participants, mainly primary and secondary school students from Maribor and the region, make their own short movies. The basic building blocks of the workshops are movie screenings, guided conversations, film making, the presentation of good practices by film professionals, etc. It also organises film camps for young, for example, the annual educational platform "Film Smoothie", the mix of film, fun and summer, which is visited by young film enthusiasts aged 14 to 19 from Slovenia and Croatia.


Films produced at the Film Factory's camps and workshops are screened in public, at many festivals, for example, at the international film festival for children and youth Eye on Film Festival, at the international festival of high school film Four River Film Festival in Karlovac in Croatia, or at the art festival Trnfest. Their films have also achieved wider recognition: the short film Emptied created at one of their film schools by young film maker Amna Hadžić in 2018, won the main award in the programme section Teen Action at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018. Workshop participants have also received awards at the festivals of youth film Videomanija, Zoom, DIFI fest and other.

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Filmsko društvo Film Factory +
Mojca Pernat +
Filmsko društvo Film Factory +
SI-2000 Maribor +
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Ruška cesta 55 +
The film association Film Factory produces feature and animation film projects, focusing on author and commission. +
The film association Film Factory produces feature and animation film projects, focusing on author and commission. +
Maribor +
SI-2000 +
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